Listen to CBC interview with Barb Ashbee

Barbara Ashbee

Ontario Morning with Wei Chen
Wind Farm Whistle Blower
CBC’s Dave Seglins reports on a woman who has broken a confidentiality agreement to talk about health problems she thinks were caused by a neighbouring wind farm.

5 thoughts on “Listen to CBC interview with Barb Ashbee

  1. Barb Ashbee

    Your voice is being heard in both Rural and Urban Ontario.

    Thank you exposing the truth about WIND.

  2. Although I can`t seem to get this interveiw to play here, I did catch it on CBC radio first morning it aired, and was estatic to hear you Barbara, coming out of the ‘gag’ closet, so-to-speak. This was obviously a very difficult decision for you and your hubby, as it would have been far easier to stay silent and go on with your lives, like most, if not all others in your position have done.
    But you`re bigger than that, and you care deeply about your community,freinds & neighbors. You must have been having trouble sleeping at night, no longer due to turbines, but due to not being able to speakup/out, to protect others from the harm that you had to go through.
    You are ‘salt of the earth’ folk, to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude. What you`ve done is nothing short of sainthood in my books. I hope you don`t get in too much ‘hot water’ over this, as you deserve no less than a medal of recognition for your sacrifice.
    God Bless You, Be Well, Thank You, very, very much!

  3. Douglas
    You aside part of a truely accurate and heart felt note to Barb needs a human point.

    “as it would have been far easier to stay silent and go on with your lives, like most, if not all others in your position have done.”

    Do NOT write the above again,unless you have 1st hand knowledge of the work the “others” do out of the public media or have done by personal choice.

    Again vicitms are constantly pushing for an END to the harm on many levels and at whatever chance they feel they can. Barb has and is an inspiration for them to keep fighting.

    • Avoter: Good point.
      I guess that I`ve not read about anyone else speaking out publically,about their negative experiences with IWTs, after being paid out and signing a gag order.
      I must point out that I did say “like most”, not all others, so I left the door slightly ajar.
      In hindsight, I should have left it at that, instead of adding”if not all”. So, I offer my sincere apology to anyone I`ve offended,who is under a gag order, but has either spoken out, or done other good deeds, to help shine a light on the major corruption/scam, that is the wind industry, in Ontario & around the world. Thank you all, for your contribution to the battle against big, bad, corrupt, greedy, wind-scammers.

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