Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner speaks out against wind energy

by Linda J Rogers RNEC
I am a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner and currently a member of RNAO (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario) and I do not support Green Energy.  Professional organizations are asking members to vote in the upcoming provincial election to support programs and policies promising to save society from industrial pollutants and practices that are deemed to be contributors and/or causing global warming. I am also a landowner of a small acreage near the coast of Lake Erie. Ironically the Nanticoke Power Plant (a coal burning electrical generator that is slated for closure) is within view – ground zero of coal emissions in Ontario. Registered Nurses are mandated to participate in “reflective practice” by the College of Nurses, so let me explain my stance further.

Wind energy supplied by Industrial Wind Turbines is being touted as the solution for being able to supply electricity with zero carbon emissions.  The Liberal government has made sure the turbines are being installed unimpeded under legislative changes made in the Green Energy Act of 2009.  The effect of this act has removed local input and control by municipalities for any green energy project.  It has also effectively muted any opposition from the communities that will be hosts to these machines.

My home will soon be ringed by 12 or more turbines on the lands adjacent and abutting my property lines; in a project that is composed of almost 200 turbines in total from 3 different projects (Next Era, Capitol Power, Samsung) in the Haldimand Norfolk region.

Generating energy has always been a dirty business.  Extraction of fossil fuels, radioactive waste, alterations to major watersheds are the tip of the iceberg for impacts associated with electrical generation technologies.  Supply and demand of energy can be the driving force in the creation of wealth &, prosperity, technological and cultural advancements and peace.  It also can be the source of poverty & corruption, suppression of a free society- suppression of democratic rights.  Many wars are, and have been fought over access to energy resources. Big money involved in big projects and allegations of big corruption have always been present.  Power and control measured in financial assets and political influence. The latest discussion point is “carbon tax’ trading in the international community.  Generation of energy has had its negatives balanced by the transforming benefits of access to plentiful, reliable and cost available energy,

My community is at war- with its elected officials, community leaders, international companies who are developing the wind projects, turbine lease holder’s, neighbours, friends and family.  Polarizations of opinions are now either for or against wind development.

Wind energy has three major areas of conflicts and concerns

1) Environmental 2) health and safety 3) democratic rights and wealth sharing  

We all want energy and need energy that is


Industrial Wind turbine projects require a large land mass (for poor energy output) and large expansion of existing hydro transmission lines, switching yards and substations to carry the energy to the grid.  These are machines that produce sound, both audible and inaudible, light pollution (night time lighting for aviation)  and other electrical energy byproducts (e.g. electromagnetic fields)   The effects and impacts of low frequency noise, infrasound, wake turbulence, localized pressure changes, seismic vibrations and the resultant impacts upon the environment and humans are being documented world wide.  People living within a 3 kilometer radius of any wind turbines will be impacted. We will all be impacted irregardless to our location to installed industrial wind turbines.

Just as we pay the costs associated with generation electricity from water we will be paying for the electricity produced from the wind.  Huge rate increases to our hydro bills (as a direct result of the subsidies being paid for the “Feed in Tarfiffs”) are starting to be implemented.   What are the benefits?

Follow the money trail:

Who is really going to benefit from wind energy?

What are we getting for our money? 

Where are the industrial turbines going to be?

When will we learn that things are never as simple as they appear to be?

But the most importance question of all is…..Why?

The fuel for wind may be considered carbon free but the reality is that wind energy has a very real carbon footprint that includes backup energy generated by the burning of fossils fuels or nuclear to maintain a steady state of “base load” for our grid.  Energy needs to be there when there is demand.  Currently we do not have a “smart regulator” for our hydro grid that could allows seamless introduction of energy produced by the wind or the means to store wind energy on a large scale for later use, hence the need for backup power.

Simply put no wind no energy output. Wind may not be an infinite resource to be exploited after all.

Opposition to “Green Energy” means opposition to false promises of renewable technologies.  I will reflect upon any renewable that delivers what it is promised to produce and has the least amount of real damage to environment, health, and the democratic process.

(This article in accordance to good nursing practice has been peer reviewed by multiple members of a multidisciplinary health team)

Linda J Rogers RNEC    Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner

12 thoughts on “Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner speaks out against wind energy

  1. My dear mother, now deceased, was a nurse of the “old school” and she would have been proud to know you Nurse Rodgers.

  2. What an excellent post by Linda! If only more members of professional organizations would speak out this way.


  3. An excellent, obviously well researched, well written article. Linda is a very smart person, whose peers would be wise to listen to. As opposed to listening to their obviously unwise, totally unresearched union fools/stooges. They must have an evil hidden agenda, to be trying to convince their members to destroy Ontario, for many future generations, which is precisely what is going to happen, if the corrupt McGuinty dictatorship is re-elected.
    Is there any way to send this article to all Ont. nurses,so they can make up their own minds, without union interference? I fear if we don`t start getting the truth to union members soon, their minds will be corrupted, by their unknowledgeable leaders. It`s obvious people are still clueless about alleged green energy, the anti-demacratic GEA, and even, it seems, McGuintys` record of doubling the debt, astronomical taxation and steady flow of lies & corruption.
    I`m not naive enough to think we can educate voters on what really happened in the Harris years,ie:Chretiens responsibilities for the cuts, Liberals have successfully blamed Harris for, to the detriment of all Ontarions, being deprived of good, honest, governance for the past eight years. That`ll take much more time, as it`s been driven home by lying Libs. for13 or 14 years now. Repeat a lie enough, people start beleiving it. A favorite Liberal tactic.
    Thank you Linda, for your excellent thoughtfull article, and standing up against your union on this. You are to be commended. We need more nurse practitioners like yourself!

  4. “Opposition to “Green Energy” means opposition to false promises of renewable technologies.”
    How true. I used to think generating electricity using wind on an industrial scale was a great idea. Now I know better. Great article! Thank-you.

  5. Thank you Nurse Rogers for your well articulated article. It should form the 101 of wind turbine knowledge to be well understood by even the most introdrinated Liberal to begin a truthful thought analysis.

  6. Well written and refreshing to hear. Suggest you send a copy to Canadian Assoc. of Physicians for the Environment.

  7. Brava, Linda Rogers! RNAO needs to grow up and stop repeating the McGuinty government’s mantra and the ridiculous statistical modelling from the OMA. More nurses need to speak out!
    (Jane, RN, who HAS been speaking out)

  8. THANK YOU Nurse Rogers for this excellent article
    – and let us be reminded that the majority of the Wind Scammers do not reside in our Province nor do they have to live within 3 kms of any Wind turbine! So what do they care?
    – and that the production and materials used in the manufacture and installation are certainly not green!
    – and if our taxpayer-dollars would be used to develop more efficient, reliable and green technology instead enriching foreign investors we could be TRUE leaders in green technology.
    – and if these taxpayers-dollars would be used to promote intelligent conservation and we would be further ahead and TRULY green!

  9. Fantastic! So direct and to the point! And true! Why dont ANY of the politicians stand up and declare that? Nurse Rogers this is such a good read – for the right reasons. We are in the same position as you – around our one acre of land will be 12 of 49 turbines – they say 49 now but I am sure it will increase dramatically and rapidly. Local neighbouring farmers are the original ‘villains’ here – as they were the ones who signed up with the 401 Energy Group – which then sold out to the Chinese Government owned Dufferin Wind Power Inc company – who declare “It isn’t fair but it will happen” We have no say in the matter whatsoever. We never even knew about the placing of the turbines until we went to the open house. For all we know – and as much as it is wrong to assume – fingers are pointing to it being the same company who are applying for a permit for the mega quarry, for limestone extraction. Mega Quarry – Mega amounts of money! And the turbines will be the icing on the cake for them. We will have the “pleasure” of looking out every window of our home at turbines, and have to suffer the consequences of the health issues. Not a lot to look forward to is it! We need more articles like this! Thank you!

  10. Ms. Rogers; Thank you for your well thought out article. Is there any way you can get it in newspapers before the Oct.6 election?

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