Another MOE Field Officer Identifies problems from Utility Scale Turbines

Toronto, ON, Sept. 26, 2011/- WINDYLEAKS has published an email from Hamilton District Office-based MOE Field Officer, Tim Webb, in which he recognizes and describes the insidious nature of “neither a discernible sound nor a detectable vibration, but somewhere between the two. Definitely more felt than heard…” experienced from Utility Scale Wind Turbines in the Clear Creek area of Norfolk County, Ontario. Webb is the third Field Officer who confirms via communications with Ontario citizens the recognition of unusual and troublesome noise/vibrations which are causing significant difficulties for residents of areas near Industrial Wind Installations.

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  1. Getting information is easy. Just file an FOI — right?–queen-s-park-frugal-with-information-audit-reveals?bn=1

    Ontario’s freedom of information system slows when it is the media, opposition parties or interest groups making a request — resulting in queries being abandoned or withdrawn and the public’s right to know being thwarted.

    This was the finding of an annual Newspapers Canada audit of the country’s freedom of information systems, which focused largely this year on how the provincial system in Ontario performed.

    Ontario, it discovered, once again came in as solidly mediocre when compared to other provinces’ systems for responsiveness and level of disclosure.

    The study found that requests in Ontario made by media and other groups that tend to hold government accountable were more likely to be flagged as contentious and take much longer than requests made for private reasons.

    Hey! No Problem!

  2. Many thanks, David for shining a new light on the lives of the Norfolk Victims of IWTs in the Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore IWT ZONE where we are surrounded by 18 Vestas 1.65 MW behemoths all jammed in within a 3 km radius of our houses and in the survey carried out in the summer of 2009, > 70 people signed our petition to Norfolk council, the ON legislature and our MP saying they were adversely affected in many ways.

  3. It is very significant that an Officer of the MOE is describing what he feels from the turbines in Clear Creek. It’s exactly what victims know to be true but what is being absolutely denied by the McGuinty government, and many pro-wind “experts”. The science that the other side is relying on all boils down to what is the “threshold of perceptibility”. Their only defense is that the infrasound and low frequency noise created by turbines is below the “threshold of perceptibility” and that therefore the only pathway that IWT noise is penetrating the body is that which you hear with your ears, ie- that sound that is “regulated” by the 40 dba limit (even though the rest of us know that even this is shamefully inadequate).

    Methinks it will be hard for the MOE to hold their position when held to task about whether the ILFN has likely caused harm to the residents of Clear Creek, with first-hand evidence like this from the MOE’s Tim Webb. I hope Mr. Webb doesn’t suddenly and inexplicably lose his job in the meantime.

    • By that argument (logic) an earthquake P wave vibration should never bother anybody…

      That should be a relief to people that could have been “disturbed” by earthquakes — the Ontario Gov. has declared them non-bothersome” — such a relief!

  4. I believe it is vital we spend as much time in our areas going door to door, now , and explaining the corruption and the impact of the Liberals and NDP direction…if you have children , even better to bring them along.
    Because they are the ones you will be protecting democracy for.
    The money that has gone to Enviromental Named Lobby groupd to groom us all in the last 10 years has been alarming.
    People think these groups are there protecting when in fact they exist to groom us in wanting to adopt their agenda , which is also funded by industries that stand to gain the most from our brainwashing.
    These are harsh words I know……………but this kind of politics must be stopped.
    We are off.

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