Turbine developers on hook for fire protection in Arran-Elderslie

by Mary Golem, Owen Sound Sun Times
Wind energy developers in Arran-Elderslie now face more hurdles after council unanimously passed two bylaws at its meeting Monday. The first bylaw deals with fire emergency responses for high-angle rescues at structures higher than 45.72 metres (150 feet).  The bylaw calls for a certified copy of a valid service contract with a high-angle rescue service provider “who shall respond to any and all emergencies that may occur at the proposed structure.”

“We don’t have high-angle rescue equipment in Arran-Elderslie,” Deputy-mayor Mark Davis said.

A wind energy developer “would have to prove to the municipality” that they have a contract with such a provider “before we’d even be able to consider issuing any (building) permit.”

“It would be irresponsible for the Corporation of the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie to permit the installation of a tall structure in the absence of a dedicated high-angle rescue service for each such structure,” the bylaw states. It also calls for a complete list “of any and all hazardous material(s) that may be contained within or be part of the construction of the proposed structure.”

“We have to protect our residents,” Davis said.

Council also adopted a copy of a bylaw, first passed by Huron-Kinloss, that outlines the minimum setback distance turbines must be from residential properties.

In Huron-Kinloss the setback is 1,200 metres, but Arran-Elderslie went even further and in their bylaw put in a distance of two kilometres or 2,000 metres.

“Any developer who tries to come to Arran-Elderslie with these things will have to meet these bylaw requirements first,” Davis said.

8 thoughts on “Turbine developers on hook for fire protection in Arran-Elderslie

  1. So far you A-E seems to be the only municipality with any foresight in regard to these hazards. Indeed you are applauded!

  2. If all Municipalities would step up and defend it’s constituents (instead of being concerned about transfer payments from the Province) we could put an end to this debacle. You are to be commended.

  3. That seems like a very reasonable approach to me. I do know that Green Energy Mavens are very concerned about the safety of the world — and safety begins at home!

  4. Emergency measures and proper fire fighting measures is something I have been questioning for months now. Wind concerns is an important and very necessary forum for taxpaying citizens whose rights have been abused. Although my concerns are with 10mw solar fields being dropped everywhere and anywhere, I deplore the Green Energy Act and the problems it is causing those who live close to turbines. We share a lot of the same concerns and have obviously have run into the same hidden agendas , unethical procedures , and smoke screens used by energy companies. My neighbours have been left with contaminated wells due to borehole drilling to anchor panels, and the energy company walked away .Good Luck with your endeavours. Glenda Moore gigijoe45@yahoo.com

  5. Tens of thousands of thankyous; one for each resident to be affected by an industrial wind turbine planned with a 550m setback distance from their residence. The rest of the province’s municipalities need to immedietely copy the stance taken here with the two by-laws in Arran-Elderslie.

  6. That is great .. here where are at in USA we would probably be happy at 550 m as our setback is 1320 feet and we had to fight for that!

  7. How much do you want to bet that once the Fiberals find out about these bylaws, they’ll just make them null and void.. After all they took away all control of the municipality when it came to getting these eyesores erected,right???

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