Dalton prefers Grit NIMBYs

Toronto Sun Editorial
Remember in 2009 when Premier Dalton McGuinty said he wouldn’t let NIMBYism — “not-in-my-backyard” syndrome — stand in the way of Ontario’s clean energy future? What he forgot to mention was NIMYBism was okay in Liberal-held ridings, just not Conservative ones. In that context, unpopular, natural-gas fired power plants — which McGuinty once touted as part of his green energy plan to replace coal-fired electricity and back up wind turbines — are rapidly becoming an endangered species in Ontario.

In Liberal-held ridings that is, first in Oakville and now in Mississauga.

(The Liberals cancelled a third gas-fired plant in 2008 at the site of the old Lakeview coal-fired generating station, after local residents converted Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion to their cause.)

Despite this, McGuinty continues to ram through a gas-fired power plant in the Holland Marsh on Ontario’s finest agricultural land. Of course, that riding is held by the Conservatives.

This is what happens when desperate, win-at-all-costs Liberal politics runs head-on into McGuinty’s so-called green energy plan.

Remember last year when the Liberal government suddenly proposed a mega, five-km setback for an unpopular offshore wind turbine project in Lake Ontario off the Scarborough Bluffs, in a bid to quell public anger in five nearby Liberal ridings?

Energy Minister Brad Duguid said that decision was made in part for aesthetic reasons, so residents wouldn’t have to look up at giant wind turbines from the beach.

And yet McGuinty has mocked such concerns across rural Ontario when it came to land-based wind farms — by criticizing objections from local citizens based on aesthetics, health concerns and declining property values — as NIMBYism.

Indeed, McGuinty’s Green Energy Act was designed to override the planning powers of local municipalities.

Incredibly, McGuinty says he hasn’t decided whether he will reveal before the election the potential cost to taxpayers of cancelling the Oakville gas-fired plant and (supposedly) moving the Mississauga one somewhere else. Speculation is it could top $1 billion.

But we don’t blame McGuinty for listening to local residents. We blame him for listening only, apparently, when they elect Liberals.

9 thoughts on “Dalton prefers Grit NIMBYs

  1. Talk about “dirty politics”? Dalton you set new standards. I recall just after the previous election results someone referred to Dalton as a “kitten eating reptile”. I’d like to revise it to child eating African Rock Snake after watching a recent TV programme on the subject.
    Ontario being the child and Dalton being the snake..

  2. It was appalling watching this man look at the camera and misinform , misrepresent the truth the way he did.
    The people in the public sector and unions should be screaming bloody murder knowing their pension dollars are in Carbon Tax programs…..quite the scam

    • The debate was only for people in the GTA. All other Ontarians were left out of the discussion.

  3. From what I see Hudak is going to win the election

    Despite , the news polls and the paid lobby groups playing on the news sites for them , the Liberals are done.
    They have had enough of skyrocketing costs..and their fill of the nonsense.
    I cannot watch these people looking into the camera and not being truthful…..McGuinty was awful to watch , Duguid was awful to watch…………..
    They have obviously been trained in response technics…………appalling
    Is this what we want for our children ? Is this the kind of governing we want ? All based on public relations spin?
    It has to stop.
    It cannot end after the election , we have people that should be held accountable , mayors , eco groups , councils that sold their communities out.
    It does not end on Oct.6
    We have to end this nonsense.

  4. There was no third plant for Lakeview on former coal plant site. in 2008. Energy Smitherman made announcement that there would be NO power plant on the OPG lands. Note that that property is still zoned that a power generating facility could go in there, as well as Southdown Rd. the Sithe owned property , Lorleland has that zoning designation, and there are a few other areas in Mississauga

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