‘Why I can’t vote Liberal’

by Joe Vanden Heuvel, Stratford Beacon Herald
I can’t vote Liberal for two main reasons: handling of wind turbine issues and management of our hydro.  If an industry wants to build or operate a business nearby to a residential area, the residents have the right to have their concerns about pollution, noise, traffic etc. heard and addressed. However, in the case of wind turbines, we have a government that has taken away the rights of municipalities to object to such developments. Moreover, when about 300 citizens met recently in Sebringville to express their very real concerns about a proposed local development, our representative, John Wilkinson, did not attend nor did he send a representative from his constituency office. I cannot vote for a representative who won’t listen to his constituents’ concerns. That is not democracy.

In 2009, Hydro One paid to its sole owner (the Province of Ontario), the amounts of $188 million in dividends and $77 million in payments in lieu of corporate income taxes. Perhaps, these amounts should have gone to debt repayment. Additionally, Hydro One is prepared to offer about $0.80/kWh for some renewable energy installations and is refunding customers 10% of their monthly bill for green energy. Customers are currently paying about $0.09/kWh. What is going to happen to our hydro rates in the future? What is going to happen to the debt load? I have not received a satisfactory response to these concerns.

Joe Vanden Heuvel, Sebringville

5 thoughts on “‘Why I can’t vote Liberal’

  1. Another reason not to vote Liberal, the 10% Clean Energy Benefit must be paid back with interest.

    Just another vote buying plan by McGuinty with our money.

    One Billion Dollar$, plus interest added to the Debt.

  2. ( USW+ Environmental Defence ) = BlueGreen Alliance +Greenpeace + UN = NDP party energy platform on renewable energy projects including wind & solar

  3. What many people are nor aware of is that the 10% “discount” on our Hydro bills is actually borrowed money, so the Ontario taxpayer will eventually have to pay it back plus interest. Another scam by the Dalton Gang.

  4. We can’t afford to have a Liberal government around for one more day after Oct.6th.

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