Hamilton City Council passes resolution for moratorium on industrial wind turbines

Letter from City of Hamilton
The City of Hamilton City Council has unanimously passed a motion asking that the Province of Ontario place a moratorium on the construction of IWT projects in the Hamilton and areas of the Niagara Escarpment under their jurisdiction until such time as studies are done to determine the impact on health, agriculture (bees) and psycho-social issues.

Hamilton’s Councillor for Ward 11, Councillor Brenda Johnson, has worked very hard for us to get this motion to City Council.  As I am sure you are both aware, that process in a city the size of Hamilton requires presentation of information to several different Committees.  From the moment we approached her,  Councillor Johnson has provided us with absolutely terrific support; in particular,  excellent advice on how to present to these Committee.  Her assistance ensured that we received positive response all along the way and resulted in unanimous support from City Council.

2 thoughts on “Hamilton City Council passes resolution for moratorium on industrial wind turbines

  1. Good for Hamilton. I have faith they have intelligent people on their council that won’t sell them out and endorse turbines for a paltry sum. Don’t sell out to these people and stay the course.

  2. Kudos to the council in Hamilton. All councils around the province need to follow suit and show the Provincial Government that we are standing united in our opposition to Industrial Wind Turbines being erected without due diligence.

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