McGuinty is drowned out by protestors in London

8 thoughts on “McGuinty is drowned out by protestors in London

  1. Is on CBC radio this morning….thanks to those who could make it!

  2. Great Job!
    Gradually CBC is reporting more and more on the Industrial Wind Turbine issue.
    As to the participant at the rally saying that no health effects had been proven and Windmills have been around for millenniums: It is very unfortunate that she compares Windmills to Industrial Wind Turbines. Regrettably she is not the only one who thinks that way and CBC should have commented on the difference. People who have to live near IWTs certainly know the difference

  3. The flashy lights from 5 cruisers were a nice addition to our noisy bash…. would do it again in a heartbeat!

  4. Great job, EVERYONE. But remember, the battle will have to go on post election

    • we are so not done with protesting…just getting started.

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