New Study Released: Evaluating the impact of wind turbine noise on health related quality of life

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Evaluating the impact of wind turbine noise on health related quality of life by Daniel Shepherd, David McBride, David Welch, Kim N. Dirks, Erin M. Hill. Noise & Health, September-October 2011, 13:54,333-9,DOI: 10.4103/1463-1741.85502


We report a cross-sectional study comparing the health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of individuals residing in the proximity of a wind farm to those residing in a demographically matched area sufficiently displaced from wind turbines. The study employed a nonequivalent comparison group posttest-only design. Self-administered questionnaires, which included the brief version of the World Health Organization quality of life scale, were delivered to residents in two adjacent areas in semirural New Zealand. Participants were also asked to identify annoying noises, indicate their degree of noise sensitivity, and rate amenity. Statistically significant differences were noted in some HRQOL domain scores, with residents living within 2 km of a turbine installation reporting lower overall quality of life, physical quality of life, and environmental quality of life. Those exposed to turbine noise also reported significantly lower sleep quality, and rated their environment as less restful. Our data suggest that wind farm noise can negatively impact facets of HRQOL.

15 thoughts on “New Study Released: Evaluating the impact of wind turbine noise on health related quality of life

  1. At last! Finally some actual reporting……. will anybody listen though?

  2. If you go to cbc news – Canada you will see a report from John Nicol. He has been writing a few on wind turbines and is checking into a lot of the bunk that is out there. Hit you internet to read article.

  3. The last 2 days, CBC News has been covering IWT problems on every news edition I`ve heard!
    They`ve been attempting to get an interveiw with Wilkinson or McGuinty, but apparently they`ve been too busy to grant it. Funny how that works isn`t it? Wilky is like a deer caught in headlights right now! They`ve got some splaynin to do and don`t quite know how to respond yet!
    I`ll bet the wheels are just smoking over at the Sussex Group war-room right now!
    Good for CBC. And good for Barbara Ashbee & hubby, for (I beleive) getting this ball rolling with CBC! And anyone else behind the scenes, thank-you too!
    Doesn`t Robert Hornung sound pathetic, trying to argue that IWTs don`t have a neg. effect on real estate prices? It`s going to be so sweet, watching these pitifull wind wackos, go down to defeat.
    And they are going down, just watch, people are going to turn to Hudac en masse in the last couple days. Cause Ontarions are finally seeing through the scam! And they`re worried. Come on PC majority!

  4. Kourtoff was on Laing & O’Leary yesterday. Question from Kevin O’Leary to John “isn’t it true that the only reason you go to the governments instead of people like me is because it is easier to get funding” Thought that was good and for sure John had no answer.

  5. Sent e-mail to John Nicol re Kurtoff into cap trading. Thought he might like to go there in some future article.

  6. Read the CBC story and was appalled by the viciousness of the comments. It seems that the Suzuki vision has a very form hold on a lot of the viewers. It will take many more stories, and documented evidence to ever alert these people to the reality of wind turbines.

  7. Mcguintys GEA lacks one of the fundamental laws of democracy. The right to own property and have that property protected. How dare he abuse our rights! He has shown us that green is dirty and murky!

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