Ontario wind power bringing down property values

By John Nicol and Dave Seglins, CBC News
Ontario’s rapid expansion in wind power projects has provoked a backlash from rural residents living near industrial wind turbines who say their property values are plummeting and they are unable to sell their homes, a CBC News investigation has found.  The government and the wind energy industry have long maintained turbines have no adverse effects on property values, health or the environment.  Read article

4 thoughts on “Ontario wind power bringing down property values

  1. This will not only affect the tax bases for rural municipalities as people use MPAC to lower their assessed values…There will likely be lawsuits filed against the Wind Energy Companies, the landowners who host these Wind Farms and also the Ontario Government….I’d like to see McGuinty held personally responsible…

  2. Can’t get a mortgage on your home. What happens when you have to remortgage?

    There you have it folks, our own made in Ontario subprime mortgage crisis in an uncertain economy.

  3. In addition to loss of property values the creditability of the Ministries of Health,Energy and Environmnent have been badly damaged

  4. Several comments in the CBC posting claim that all home prices are down due to the recession, so the 4 listed resale decreases are not unusual. This is incorrect. During the year (2009) when the listed transactions occurred, Ontario prices went UP about 10%. The average resale for the listed transactions was DOWN about 34%, right in line with all the studies conducted by non-industry-sponsored people.

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