Dalton’s dream, our nightmare

McGuinty would emulate California’s green economy — which is now sinking under a sea of debt
By John Snobelen, Toronto Sun
Dalton McGuinty is a California dreamer. During last weeks leaders’ debate, McGuinty proudly declared Ontario was second only to the great state of California. Who knew?California, it would seem, is the home of the new economy Ontario aspires to be part of. Think green energy, Silicon Valley, Facebook and Apple. McGuinty believes California is just a little ahead of Ontario on the development curve. Unfortunately, he might be right.

Consider that the new economy has yet to make a positive difference to the vast majority of Californians.

Those who live outside the shadow of Stanford University are experiencing unprecedented levels of unemployment. Every day brings more unwelcome economic news.

California is sinking under a sea of debt.

Unable to reach a political consensus Governor Edmund G. Brown is now forced to impose yet another round of dramatic cuts. This time the budget must be reduced by $15 billion. Most of the cuts will come from education, help for the disabled and public safety.

According to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz “The social safety net is being cut not with a knife but an ax.”

The pattern here is clear; the inability to control spending leads to high taxes and debt. High taxes drive away business and ultimately lower government revenues. When the inevitable cuts to services are finally introduced they are far more Draconian than might otherwise have been the case.

Ultimately, the green energy subsidies and new economy hype are a cruel joke to California citizens. The unemployed, the disabled, students and the poor are now paying the price for governments who simply could not say no.

This is Ontario’s future under Dalton McGuinty.

During each of his terms of office McGuinty introduced huge tax increases.

First came the health tax and then the HST. There is every reason to believe that if re-elected he will introduce a carbon tax.

During his eight years in office McGuinty has doubled the provincial debt. If re-elected he will continue to add to that debt.

Despite a lot of empty rhetoric to the contrary, McGuinty has been unwilling to ask the public service unions to freeze wages. There is simply no reason to believe that if re-elected he will make any serious attempt to hold down costs.

McGuinty is offering Ontarians a government that cannot control costs, has no reluctance to increase taxes and is perfectly happy borrowing huge amounts of money.

It is the California recipe for economic disaster.

All of which is why I will be working hard to help elect a Tim Hudak government Thursday.

This will not come as much of a shock to most people. After all, I worked with Hudak for eight years at Queens Park and I am proud to call him a friend.

When John Tory stepped aside, I encouraged Hudak to seek the leadership of the PC party. I believed he had the right combination of intelligence, drive, passion and experience to lead Ontario in difficult times.

Everything Hudak has done over the past two years as leader of his party has confirmed the wisdom of that choice. He has tirelessly crisscrossed the province talking to thousands of people from every walk of life.

His policy platform, Changebook, is a reflection of his commitment to build consensus and provide balance. It is a measured and serious commitment to reduce the size and cost of government and eliminate the deficit. Hudak is no California dreamer.

Of course, there is one other big difference between Hudak and McGuinty; Hudak actually intends to keep his promises.

Now wouldn’t that be refreshing?

— Snobelen is a former Conservative MPP and cabinet minister

10 thoughts on “Dalton’s dream, our nightmare

  1. “California is sinking under a sea of debt.”
    Foreclosure wastelands in California are Sacramento 1 in 19, Bakersfield 1 in 17, Vallejo 1 in 16, and 1 in 14 in Merced, Stockton, Riverside, & Modesta.
    We’ve already voted P.Conservative in Huron County advance polls, also to hopefully remove the useless Carol Mitchell – you know, the one who claims to be always “listening loud & clear” yet does nothing to help constituents.

  2. Maybe when Dalton says “I will not raise Taxes, he is tellling the Truth”……What he means is “I will create new Taxes…like he did over the past 8 years”

    Health premium = New Tax…..

    HST = New Tax,

    Eco-Fees = New Tax,

    Carbon Tax = New Tax,

    SMART METER Fee = New Tax……….

    Technically he could be telling the truth….It’s not raising taxes…it’s new Taxes …Haha…

  3. As Dr. Phil says, “the best prediction of future behaviour is past behaviour.” So true.

  4. was with you all the way until you hit on public sector wages. When are the conservatives going to realize that if they actually cut the waste that the McGuinty government has created, stop the subsidies to multinational energy companies they won’t have to harp on Unionized workers. Your placing the blame on the wrong people, people who otherwise might be on side with you.
    Why political parties of all stripes keep making the same blunders over and over again baffles the mind. Quit believing the old rhetoric and use some critical thinking for a change.

    • As far as I can dtermine, union wages are not under discussion here. But should be plenty of concern in using union pension funds to invest in usless renewable energy projects. Governments,private sector investments are not enough to fund the renewable “green” energy scam. So pools of insurance money and pension funds are targets for this scam. Can you afford to lose your pension?

  5. I agree with you Bill.
    But you may want to look at the investments being made with your pension funds while there is still some left.

    • Not my pension fund although I couldn’t agree more that workers pension funds should not be invested in fly by night energy projects, but the workers themselves earn those hourly wages being paid to them to supply public services. Instead of condemning them any party wishing their support should be targeting education at them. When the actual working members see what’s going on they can deal with their leadership and pension investments.

      • They are not being condemmed but they do need to be informed. Educating them is is what this is all about. Workers simply can’t afford to lose their pension money. If governments make it even more possible to raid pension funds for renewable energy projects then look out!

  6. Or you can get a more accurate story here…

    Mr. McGuinty has turned his unreliability into an asset. “It’s never wrong to make the right decision,” he’ll say smarmily, after changing his mind yet again. Which is a convenient way of letting voters know it was their own fault if they ever believed him in the first place. The Premier is now in the happy position of being able to say whatever pops into his mind, then, when challenged on it later, shrug his shoulders, say “Beats me,” and go on to the next photo op. See these smiling schoolchildren? They’re smiling because I did something good. Not sure what, but would they be smiling if I hadn’t? You gonna argue with children?

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