You can’t cure stupidity but you can vote it out

23 thoughts on “You can’t cure stupidity but you can vote it out

    • Good point David. DHMO can be a highly dangerous substance if consumed in mass quantities or when handling in it’s gaseous state. If splashed in eyes , rinse with plenty of water. Read the MSDS thoroughly and follow all safety precautions. ( This chemical should NEVER be confused with it’s close cousin- 9-10-Diedhyrdro-N,N-diethyl-6-methylergoline-8b-carboxamide ).
      Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

      • It can be a nuisance… You could be right… Maybe the Fiberals have consumed too much of that di-ethyl amide group…

        Their policies lead one to suspect…

  1. Love the home made signs!! Shows that people still have a voice, unfortunate that the Liberal party doesn’t listen.

  2. Gagged when reading David Robinson’s suggested article in the Toronto Sun, Liberals-
    Best Choice for Ontario’s Future. Gagged at a lot of the comments make, but came across
    something very interesting twice. Go to: (Sept 30, 2011)
    Apparently Nikki Holland, a high ranking Liberal, was only joking when she was talking about
    buying homeless people’s votes with cigarettes. But then, who can believe a Fiberal?

  3. Sorry, It was The Star. And, yes, it does upset me to see so many people who say they will
    support and vote for another four years of a Liberal government.

    • U.S. Embassay, Ottawa meeting Sept.,2010
      Marlo Raynolds, Pembina Institute
      Peter Robinson, CEO, David Suzuki Foundation
      Rick Smith, Environmental Defence
      Graham Saul, Ex. Dir. Climate Action Network Canada

      • All four of the above ENGOs have Greenpeace connections. Wonder how the U.S. Ambassador happened to select these four organisations? None of them were voted in by the people and so they do NOT speak for the people. But they sure do have the nerve to pretend they speak for the people.

      • Apparently the WWF speaks for the people through the IPCC Scientists they co-opted to provide a rationale for this cr@p!

        Beginning in 2004 (around the time that work was beginning on the 2007 Climate Bible) the activist World Wildlife Fund (WWF) systematically began recruiting IPCC scientists. By late 2008 it says it had persuaded 130 “leading climate scientists mostly, but not exclusively from” the IPCC to join its parallel initiative called the Climate Witness Scientific Advisory Panel.

        The scientists whose names appear below have not only been examining one of the world’s most important questions for the IPCC. They have a documented, public relationship with professional lobbyists who have a strong interest in influencing this matter. (For readers who are just tuning in, the WWF believes it is “nearly impossible to overstate” the threat posed by climate change – see here, backup link here.)

        The people on the list below either played some role in the 2007 Climate Bible or are helping to write the next IPCC report which is expected to be completed in 2013. In many cases, they’re doing dual duty.

        All hail the IPCC and it’s paid “Climate Witness” program…

        Kinda (sac)religious eh?

    • Climate Action Network,
      Friends of the Earth Canada is a member along with USW,Nature Canada and Greenpeace.
      Friends of the Earth Canada is a voice for Friends of the Earth International / FoE International. See their website for member names list.

  4. If I wanted to wage war on a society , without firing a shot , I would destroy it financially.
    I would play havoc with the markets , and drive it’s economy nto the ground.
    Groom a few as politicians to put into power to lax regulations and in I come.
    The UN and IPCC ..don’t work for your interests…half of the countries that are in the UN want to blow us off the face of the earth.
    Why would anyhing coming out of the UN or part of , not be immediately suppect??

    • Maybe one day the Americans will bulldoze the whole UN into the East River and begin anew.

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