Don’t fall for the “Green Energy scam”

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Does Carol Mitchell, the McGuinty government really think the people of Huron-Bruce are going to fall for the “Green Energy Scam”? The Green Energy Act is the centrepiece of the Liberal’s campaign. But they have not been up front about the billions of dollars it will cost Ontarians. Could it be that they know once the facts are scrutinized people will see this for what it really is? A pork barrel buffet for fossil fuel companies like Enbridge and investors in “The Green Making Machine” like Samsung.

Carol Mitchell’s government did not seek competitive tenders before awarding a contract that is subsidized by us for 20 years for wind and solar energy. Where is the sound fiscal responsibility there? Who were they getting their advice from? When one looks at Spain they followed the same path as the Liberals but at least they saw their mistake and put a halt to “Green Energy.”

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) states that there are 11,571 current applications for industrial wind turbines, 3,165 contracts have been signed, 2,266 are under
development. Remember the Liberal government delayed placing turbines off shore.

I have Wind Turbine Syndrome, caused by Industrial Wind Turbines placed too close to my home. Initially I welcomed these turbines. You see I believed what Mr. McGuinty had to say about them. However after having to live with them day after day, they have made me ill. The Liberal government has ignore those affected. It has been my experiences that the wind turbine company has a carte blanche with no regulation. I am not alone many are suffering.

Dr. Robert Mc Murtry, has identified over 130 cases of illness related directly to Industrial Wind Turbines, he is calling for an epidemiological health study. People are suffering in this municipality and Carol Mitchell continues to deny it and spouts the same old rhetoric “The Chief Medical Officer of health of Ontario did a Study and found no ill health affect related to wind Turbines”. This misleads the public into thinking a medical study was done. The Chief Medical Officer did a “literature review”. If one was to do a good literature review one would gather all pertinent up-to-date peer-reviewed information. The Chief Medical Officer did not, and has been criticized for that poor review. The July 2011 Environmental Tribunal concluded that I quote “this case has successfully shown that the debate should not be simplified to one about whether wind turbines can cause harm to humans. The evidence presented to the Tribunal demonstrates that they can, if facilities are placed too close to residents”.

Dr. McKitrick is a Canadian economist specializing in environmental economics and policy. I quote his analysis: “The claims that current air pollution levels result in thousands of cases of illness and death are not supported in up-to-date, peer-reviewed literature. Air pollution has fallen dramatically in Ontario since the 1960s via regulation and emission control technology. Wind energy subsidies and F-I-T’s do not create jobs, they destroy them through higher energy prices and higher taxes. The only people who want to push wind energy for its own sake are those who expect to profit from it”. I know who I believe and it certainly isn’t Carol Mitchell or the Liberal Party.

Norma C. Schmidt, Tiverton

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    • Is that an orange sign….you crazy, I remember the lost time under Bob Rae and the NDP in Ontario….not a chance

    • The NDP supported the Green Energy Act. They voted against the PC motion for a moratorium and a cornerstone of their energy platform is more wind. What are you thinking??

    • People still don’t understand the connection between the NDP and the Liberal Party to GREENPEACE. This is how Ontario got into this renewable energy mess in the first place.

      • A Liberal and/or NDP victory will be nothing more than a Greenpeace victory. And it’s a good bet that the ultimate goal of Greenpeace is the control of Canada’s vast energy resources.

  1. Tomorrow we can start to turn things around. Do not vote for the parties that just admit there are problems with this green energy scam. Vote for the party that says they will do something about
    it. We have to stop this Liberal government from selling out our province to multinational corporations. No matter which party wins the election tomorrow, there will be more work to be done to hopefully get our rural way of life back to normal and be able to look forward to the future. Ontario can recover and become the province of opportunity it once was. We can do it.
    Thanks to all who have given of their time, energy, expertise, and money to get us to where we are today.

  2. I am astonished to see at
    that the Minister for Wind Turbines has a 10% lead in the polls.
    Can antone there explain this; is it accurate?
    What is the local feeling?
    Surely Huron-Bruce can’t be thinking of reelecting C, Mitcehell
    Can they?.

      • Can you elaborate. I have staked by reputation on Huron-Bruce being the surest bet for PCs in Ont, I can’t imagine a MPP who hid from her constituents during a QP demonstration, who presided as Agriculture Minister over the designation of prime crop land for industrial development can be reelected.
        What gives here?

    • Hiding? Take a look at the Strathroy photos and note the people shown in the background.

  3. Don’t loose faith. Remember the Federal election. My hope for Ontario is a Liberal move to the NDP and up the middle we go. It will probably then only be a minority but that is better than nothing. Renfrew Nipissing will go PC. Toronto/GTA important but very hard to predict (way beyond me). Let’s hope the Niagara region moves to PC.

  4. “Some of the pollsters will have egg on their faces on Thursday night”.
    I’m going with that line. Need to sleep tonight. Tomorrow night will tell the story.
    Then we will deal with whatever we have to. Sound like a mother, don’t I?

  5. I’m going to dream that Ontario gets a 36:36:36 member split, that the policy wonks will have to have 1/3 of the Ministers from each party and then maybe they’ll listen to those who elected them INSTEAD of the Corporate carpetbaggers!

    • This would result in a 2/3 NDP & Liberal government with IWT installations moving foreward. A Greenpeace victory.

      • And up to 4 years of working class Ontario in the private sector taking it from the left without the instrument being warmed or anything to reduce the frictional coefficient…I know these sham poles are not the true picture. We shall see between rural Ontario and the vot split in Hamilton and Toronto corridor.

  6. Trillium Wind is suing us (Ontario taxpayers) for $2.25 billion, $170 for every person in Ontario. This is the cost of not building offshore wind in the great lakes. Imagine the cost’s if we re-elect the crew that got us this far.

    • Can you think of a better way to alert the general public about the IWT scam than to sue them?

  7. Doesn’t anyone remember NDP Peter Tabuns from the London Standing Committee session and from his statements at Queen’s Park? A vote for the NDP is a vote for these ‘green energy’ scams – they want jobs for the unionized workers, they don’t want nuclear, they believe conventional energy sources are killing us, and want wind turbines in our backyards. No way!

  8. Deeper and ever deeper — se Item 74

    Carbon dioxide, which has the molecular formula CO2

    Carbon dioxide, also called carbonic acid gas, is a naturally occurring colourless, odorless, incombustible gas formed during respiration, combustion, decomposition of organic substances, and the reaction of acids with carbonates. Carbon Dioxide is used in carbonated drinks, fire extinguishers, as dry ice for refrigeration. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air. It is present in the Earth’s atmosphere at low concentrations and acts as a greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide is constantly being removed from the air by its direct absorption into water and by plants through photosynthesis. In turn, it is naturally released into the air by plant and animal respiration, decay of plant and soil organic matter, outgassing from water surfaces. Small amounts of carbon dioxide are also injected directly into the atmosphere by volcanic emissions and through slow geological processes such as the weathering of rock[1]. Anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide emissions include combustion of fossil fuels and biomass to produce energy, building heating and cooling, land-use changes including deforestation, manufacture of cement and other industrial processes.

    This substance is not classified as toxic but remains managed under Schedule 1 of CEPA 1999. Carbon Dioxide was added to Schedule 1 of CEPA 1999 in November 2005 in order to enable the Government the use of a variety of preventive or control actions. Under subsection 90(1) of CEPA 1999, a substance that meets the criteria set out in section 64 of CEPA 1999 can be added to Schedule 1 of CEPA 1999 by the Governor in Council on the recommendation of the ministers. It must be determined that a substance is entering or may enter the environment in a quantity or concentration or under conditions that:… and so on

    And that is why we need wind turbines… to prevent the harmless gas from uh, well uh gee I dunno!


    Ask your FEDERAL MP to have this REGULATION rescinded so that it cannot be used as an argument ti install wind turbines in place of coal fired or gas fired stations.

    It was not passed by parliament — it is a back-door regulation.

  9. Strange to read predictions after the fact. Well the proverbial Fat Lady has sung and it looks like rural realists against City pie in the sky red and orange cool-aid slurpers. Let the lawsuits roll!

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