Protestors meet McGuinty in Strathroy

October 5, 2011

15 thoughts on “Protestors meet McGuinty in Strathroy

  1. I think Mcguiuntiy turns up his collar all the time because he really
    thinks he is Count Dracula , or he feels like someones going to
    grab him by the neck .

    • Are there armed police wearing bullet proof vests in some of the backgrounds of the photos?

      • Funny, I never noticed that. Police just kind of fade into the backgraound anymore. People, know your rights – this is so important when demonstrating, or you will get shoved around without legit reason. It helps to have this attitude: Police are your equals. Police are there to protect you just as much as a silly premier making a ‘whistle stop’. They are not there to give you orders. And be careful of rent-a-cops and security – they really try to abuse their powers. Actually, town police have been pretty good, as long they know YOU know whats right and wrong. Can’t say the same for Liberal security. We were told by them that we could protest, but on the other side of the road (ha!). I told them, “like hell, this is a sidewalk, pedistrian zone and we are going to do it right here, right now.” Didn’t hear another word about it (not like I was listening anyway). He knew he was caught in his own power tripping lie.

  2. Citizens have the legal right to peacefully protest. PERIOD.
    How close one can approach McGuinty though I’m not sure about..

    • Frankly, I consider him another equal. Just ask yourself: how close can he get to me?

  3. As McGuinty got on the bus again, there was a person holding a sign right up to the front window in front of his face that read, ” I want my house back!!” . He smiled and waved at that person. His face looked like a cheap, made in China plastic toy with eyes painted on, nothing going in, nothing going out. Good eye on the person that noticed the Dracula collar as he exits the bus; very appropriate.

    • what is it with the vampire collar… He makes vlad the impailer seem nice…has he taken it off the last month? probably stinks as bad as his green energy policy

      • You’re thinking of Vlad the Impaler. Who was much more pleasant that some of the aforementioned…

        Vlad carried nobody’s pails.

      • Why thanks for the spell check David! Glad you are on top of things. All I know is he (Vlad the IMPALER) would skewer his enemy and post them every few hundred feet. This had an intimidating effect on the advancing Turkish Otto army. He does get a bad rap because if it were not for Vlad, alot of us “Westerners” would have suffered the same fate the citizens of Constantinople. Maybe your bloodline would have been wiped out. So judging by your name … would not be here to check on my spelling. Getting back to the subject these Industrial turbines are skewering wildlife… the dracula collar on McGuinty is appropriate.

      • Rob:

        Glad you have a sense of humour! And yes that is what McGuinty will do after the election — so get out and vote everyone! Otherwise it will be a mis-election!

  4. Well 3 votes for Mr. Hudak in our house out of a potential 8 ! …..only because the other 5 are not of age yet. Lucky for the Impaler

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