Dombrowsky unseated by Todd Smith

Protest outside Dombrowsky's constituent's office

By W. Brice McVicar, Belleville Intelligencer
A night that began gloomy in the local Liberal camp grew to outright despair as the numbers rolled in for Leona Dombrowsky.  Why those people didn’t see fit to return her to Toronto, Dombrowsky said, may have something to do with some of the Liberals’ less positive moves. She pointed to the introduction of the HST and the wind energy debate in Prince Edward County as possible motives for the majority of local electors supporting Smith over her.  Read article

1 thought on “Dombrowsky unseated by Todd Smith

  1. This woman also helped rebels of the Dump Site 41 issue where in her pollution of the cleanest water made her a hated person.

    We fought for the clean water there — we were not NIMBY people in Elmvale — we were 50 to 82 year old farmers and natives who just wanted clean water.

    When we protested the OPP arrested 17 of us for peaceful protest but if you were one of the 4 natives you got arrested for not just mischief (for whites) but also intimidation if you were a native person.

    The unfairness of this racism brought the community together and we remembered Dalton’s so-called ‘Environment’ ministers from then on – Wilkinson, etc. Dalton dodged the mega-quarry in Shelburne as well at election time — more trouble for Dalton on that one as 2300 acres of prime potato growing land will be turned into a hole in the ground forever with no taxes or potatoes for the world.

    So, join that battle next. Shelburne already suffers from 143 damned wind turbines.

    My psychic says the Shelburne water will be shipped via a new railroad to Owen Sound and then on to Israel.

    — Victor / Toronto Street News
    Police have finally allowed me to clean up my firebombed car and garage crime scene.

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