Pettapiece unseats John “Protest or Participate” Wilkinson

By Craig Glover, The London Free Press
Wilkinson, a two-term MPP, had taken it on the chin as one of the government’s point men in its push to fast-track Ontario into alernative energy, especially with hundreds of industrial wind turbines. Arriving at his campaign get-together after the polls closed, Wilkinson sequestered himself in a private room, declining to speak with reporters.  Read article

4 thoughts on “Pettapiece unseats John “Protest or Participate” Wilkinson

  1. Wilkinson told constituents who were concerned about wind turbines they can either participate or protest. They chose to participate.

  2. People here are waaayyyy tooo negative.

    Look at the bright side — he can study his music some more — and maybe he will have time to learn about BEAT NOTES and not just swishing!


  3. Having spent every other day in the last two weeks of the campaign in Perth County and particularly in Stratford, attending a Pettapeace fund raising dinner, being at as many all candidate mtgs as possible and a couple of days distributing “Watch your wallets. Liberals in town.” campaign literature, the results are sweet. All the effort put into working to unseat the incumbent Wilkinson was repaid 10 fold on election night.

  4. Johana – this was one of the sweetest moments for me too. His loss was the loss of a kingman majority for Dalton. I can’t help but smile and smile and smile! thanks for your hard work in making this happen.

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