Geography is still working against the Liberals

by Kelly McParland, National Post
Excerpt:  It’s a reflection of how out of synch Toronto is with the rest of the province. Toronto can live with the premier’s affection for windmills, because there’s little chance of one being erected anywhere nearby. The one time it appeared city residents might get stuck with the same ugly blight spreading across more remote parts of the province, when Toronto hydro proposed a wind farm off the Scarborough bluffs, there was an immediate outcry and the plan was quickly scuttled. Poor Toronto Hydro didn’t even get past the first stage of a pilot project — a small data collection platform two miles off shore — before the environmental commitment of Toronto’s citizens evaporated and they were crowding community centres to voice their opposition. It’s fine to blight the land for miles on end along Lake Huron, but in Scarborough? Forget it.  Read article

13 thoughts on “Geography is still working against the Liberals

  1. McGuinty is an absolute HYPOCRITE….It appears that being a NIMBY in Guildwood or near the Bluffs is OK…It appears that being a NIMBY in Mississauga or Oakville is OK….Cause he cancelled all the GREEN ???? Energy projects there…..It’s not OK to be a NIMBY outside of his Fiefdoms in Toronto, Kingston, Peterborough, London or Ottawa because he still supports building useless Industrial Wind Farms where thereno liberal seats….He has created to solitudes in Ontario….The Liberals lost 12 ridings…and they don’t seem to care….Revolution will come to Ontario….I will be shocked if Don Drummond’s report doesn’t hilite what a massive BOONDOGGLE the Green Energy Act is and how destructive it is to Ontario….

  2. I think way to get leverage is on costs and profits under the FIt program. It is way too rich. Torontonians, small businesses especially need to know this. This creates envy about the money a few companies are making. Envy by other businesses should be enough to get some action. The common denominator is money and the fear and greed related to money.

  3. Of the known 5 MPPs who attended the Kingston 2008 June meeting where the Green Energy Act was hatched, 3 are no longer in office. Had the other 2 been from rural ridings they likely would have been out as well

  4. Yup…apparently NIMLBYs are OK “Not in my Liberal Back Yard”

    If McHypocrite continues to ram IWTs down the throats of rural Ontarians…WITH NO MANDATE TO DO SO…. the upcoming backlash will make the protests we’ve seen to date seem like a love-in. I’m seeing tractors and combines slowly making their way down the 400 series highways to Queen’s park. Lets see if a few days of gridlock gets the attention of our urban cousins.

    Play time is over!

    • I think your sentiment is rather strong, Ben, but entirely appropriate. We now own the political high ground. No more talking, no more consultations. No access to municipal roads. No more gag orders.

      • I’m not an anarchist by any means….but the time is coming when each of us has to ask ourselves ..when is enough …enough. Is risking the health of our children enough? Is losing 25-50% of property values (and for many of us..our entire net worth) enough? Is radically changing the environment where we live enough?

        What are the Liberals going to do?? Put us all in jail for blockading roads? Kick us all out of our homes for only paying 50-75% of our property taxes?

        Oct 6 is our proof that the MAJORITY of rural Ontarians do NOT want IWTs within 550m of our homes. The LIberals and the wind companies can no longer say we are a “vocal minority”.

        The balls in the Liberals’ court….if they demonstrate that they are finally listening to us…. great. If not…they leave us no choice. Law suites and appeals are nice ideas. But we’ve already learned that we can’t win playing the game when the government writes and re-writes the rules. It’s time we learn from aboriginal Canadians and make our own rules (who by the way I have a much greater appreciation for now).

    • It may be rather radical, but it may be what it takes.

      And if it somehow works, then hey I am with you.

      Now I do not have any tractors or combines.. but if skidders and bobcats work..

    • I too will gladly do what ever it takes to protect my family and our home. I have written so many letters, marched in parades handing out pamphlets, talked to whom ever I could. All of the things many of you have also gladly done.

      This has to stop one way or another.

  5. Eric …
    I’d be shocked if Don Drummond doesn’t say we desperately need a carbon tax – to fund more ‘green’ spending.
    I hope you are right.

  6. * When A annoys or injures B on the pretense of saving or improving X, A is a scoundrel.
    o Newspaper Days: 1899-1906 (1941)

    H.L. Mencken

    How little things have changed — not by time nor geography.

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