Lisa MacLeod looking forward to stronger representation

By Chris Cobb, Ottawa Citizen
Rural ridings have been assaulted by this green energy plan,” she added, “and they spoke very loudly against Dalton McGuinty. “He will have to revisit that green energy bill because many of the Liberals turfed out had these wind farms in their communities.   “We will work on a bill-by-bill basis,” she added, “but many of McGuinty’s policies have been misguided and he will have to adjust them accordingly.”

Lisa MacLeod emerged from Thursday’s Ontario election with more votes than any other candidate in the province. But her resounding personal victory was bittersweet.  “Sure, I’m disappointed that we didn’t win, because when you’re hot you want to win. But that’s politics. You pick yourself up; get yourself back in the game and play to win next time. And that’s what I’m going to do.” Read article

2 thoughts on “Lisa MacLeod looking forward to stronger representation

  1. Norm
    Where exactly in Ontario are these sites and what is the potential hydraulic generation from each of them -will they be cost effective and how?

    • My understanding is that potential hydro sites in Northern Ont. have all been exploited, but I don’t really know. I know Man is developing, or has developed hydro assets, and has excess electricity for sale. Similarly for Quebec.
      A 2007 OPA report mentioned the possibility of simply purchasing energy from these neighbours. Surely this would be cheaper than investing billions in wind turbines.
      The basic problem with wind development is the absence of any cost-benefit analysis supporting it. G. Smitherman when he was in charge even dismissed such studies, claiming social benefit analysis was superior. It is hard to argue with such people.

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