Wind Turbines increase fossil fuel consumption & CO2 emission

Electricity in The Netherlands

Wind energy in the Irish power system

4 thoughts on “Wind Turbines increase fossil fuel consumption & CO2 emission

  1. A thorough analysis for the Netherlands which is mainly supplied by fossil sources. Studies of wind power in Germany (also a mainly fossil-fired system) have reached to same conclusion — that wind generation does not reduce CO2 production.

    A similar analysis for Ontario would show the situation is far worse here because wind often doesn’t displace fossil generation at all. Rather, Ontario often has to back down nuclear and hydraulic generation to make room for wind energy on the system when the wind decides to blow. And sometimes Ontario actually PAYS Michigan and New York to accept all of the wind energy that you and I have already paid for at a premium price.

    The Ontario Liberals and the wind industry are not being honest with ratepayers and taxpayers on this subject.

    • No , he hasn’t been.
      But at the same time i, keep in mind it was always about privatization and a move to create a new industry in Ontario.
      You will pay of course.
      But someone sold this and they bought it.
      Under the present direction it is the most moronic way to do it
      It makes the people on the top of this industry massively wealthy while others that had good jobs at Toyota and Honda will soon be working at $12 an hour solar plants.
      Even those won’t last.
      And as they go , the public sector will face cuts.
      And once they entrench and the industry has installed what they can..they will focus on 3rd worls world countries using you dollars through Cap and Trade and Carbon Taxes.
      Pretty soon , Africa will send you aid.

      You can’t feed public sector jobs with low wages….really that simple.

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