No recourse but lawsuits for folks with turbine issues

Chatham Daily News
Sir: I read your recent news story, “Family taking heat over lawsuit.” The Michaud family has no other choice besides a lawsuit in this matter. I am from the Ridgetown area. People here who live amongst the Talbot wind farm have very similar problems, myself included. In my case, which is very similar to others, I have tried to have the matter resolved by using the complaint system laid out by the Ontario government. But absolutely nothing has been done to deal with these problems.

For nearly a year now I have sent numerous written complaint letters to my MPP Pat Hoy (Liberal). He has not even bothered to reply – ever. His office assistant sends a message “received.”

My complaint letters to Mayor Randy Hope have also been ignored. Not one reply from Mr. Hope – ever.

My local councilor has tried to be helpful but the matter is outside his area of jurisdiction.

MP Dave Van Kesteren will not deal with these problems. The local health office has done absolutely nothing about these complaints.

I have sent letters and phone calls to the Ministry of the Environment who is supposed to deal with these problems. Again with absolutely zero results.

The families who had wind farms built too close to their homes have not had any help whatsoever with these problems and now their only remaining option is a lawsuit. The World Health Organization states that industrial wind turbines should be placed at least 1,500 meters from homes. In Ontario, the current setback is 550 meters, and in some cases much closer.

There have been families in Ontario that have been forced out of their homes because of this problem. In some cases they have been forced to sign gag contracts so they cannot talk about it. The Ontario government is not doing anything to correct the current problem and also has plans to build thousands more without any changes to the current setbacks. I hope the people of Chatham-Kent realize the current plans involve many more industrial wind turbines (hundreds) for C-K. At least double the current amount. C-K will almost be covered with them in a few years.

David Libby, Ridgetown

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  1. I’m in the same boat as David. Over 70 calls to the MOE because of noise levels well above 40dBA (often all night), the company says “be patient” we are trying to figure out what is wrong (when we all know the noise models used were seriously flawed and no amount of turbine tweaking will fix the problem!!!!). With the fall winds, the noise is getting worse. Today the MOE said “there is nothing they can do locally — they are waiting for direction from senior management”.
    Why don’t we start another lawsuit??? This one against the leaseholders of the offending turbines.

    • Well , I have suggested this many times, it wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for them

    • This is the old stonewalling tactic and it is very effective as most people will give up sonner or later.

      • People,continue to collect your contact information so that it can be put togther to prove a case of stonewalling.

      • i’ve got my trusty list of leaseholders from the township on the 9 industrial turbines that are being erected in Grand Valley, Ontario as we type. Ready to roll…where can I send the information?!!?

      • Cell phone records would be good to have in this IWT situation!

  2. Some who have completed the trip through and have come out the other side, adversely affected for life, wish that they had sued the leaseholders.
    Maybe then, people will start listening!
    Go for it Me.

  3. I think the leaseholder is named in the Michaud lawsuit.

  4. *leaseholder*leaseholder*leaseholder* that is the only way to stop the madness. have to kick the little guy (usually vacant land ownder anyhow) who thinks he’s winning by renting the land in the first place. YES!

    • Umm that would be little guy who is making a small fortune while his neighbours lose thier shirts on property value AND get sick. Oh yes, I have every sympathy for him. By the way, our ‘leaseholder’ is most definitely not a vacant landowner.

      • YES Jean, I agree, that’s the “little guy” who compromised his neighbour for the almighty buck.
        In our instance, the landowner is absentee (2 string vacant, peaceful 100acre parcels attached to ours), also recieves $$ for cash crop, so he is doing by far better than us.
        A wise investment on his part or a foolish scheme?
        Money for nothing is going to kick you in the end!

  5. The creditibilty of the Ministries of Health, Energy and Environment have been badly damaged in this IWT affair. Who knows when and how long it will take to restore public confidence in these government Ministries.

  6. It gets more interesting. Second letter (below) sent to Chatham Daily News Oct 12, 2011.

    To the Chatham Daily News,

    On October 4 my letter concerning the legal action at the Kent Breeze wind farm was published. I outlined the problems and the government’s failure to provide help to myself and many other people in Ontario. I also stated that Mr. Pat Hoy, Liberal MPP Chatham-Kent has never personally responded to my complaint.

    On Oct 5 I received a message from Mr. Pat Hoy stating that many months ago he called a company(?) on my behalf. I am not aware that this phone call ever occurred and I do not have any evidence that it occurred. And I have never been given any details of what was said during this alleged phone call.

    He also stated that his office assistant offered to come out and ‘have a listen’. This part is true and it came from his office assistant not Mr. Hoy. This is an extremely interesting comment. Does Mr. Hoy’s office assistant have extraordinary listening skills that are superior to MOE (Ministry of Environment) equipment? That is very possible because the MOE doesn’t have any equipment to measure noise from wind turbines. The MOE is supposed to be responsible for regulating the wind turbines.

    On March 28, 2011 I received a message from Mr. Hoy’s office without a signature. I do not know who sent it. It stated, “has the MOE investigated? They have the power to shut down the turbine and force the company to make adjustments as required by law.”

    I passed this message along to a senior MOE Officer. The Officer responded: The MOE has no protocol for measuring the noise from wind turbines. The MOE staff has no training for wind turbine noise situations. The MOE does not have the legal authority to shut down any wind turbines.

    I then sent the Officer’s response to Mr. Hoy. I received the response “Excellent update.” signed by the office assistant at the Liberal Chatham-Kent office.

    I believe the MOE staff would like to do something about these problems. There have been other instances were MOE staff has made it very clear to the Liberal government all of the problems involved with wind turbines. For instance in a document recently made public Mr. Gary Tomilson, Senior Environmental Officer, Guelph District Office made similar statements. Such as: “MOE field staff have no approved methodology to determine compliance with the noise levels identified in the Guidelines(s)\Certificates of Approval Air for noise emissions…”

    So yes, the Ontario Liberal government has purposely set up a situation where wind turbines are NOT regulated. Many people living in these industrial wind farms are having many problems and the Ontario government refuses to do anything about it.

    I have all of the written documents to back up all of my statements in both of my letters to the Chatham Daily News (October 4 and this letter). And I hope anyone else who decides to comment will have the same proof.

    David Libby
    Ridgetown, Ontario

  7. All of the companies are well aware if a litigation suit is going to move forward the litigation HAS to be started within 2 years of the project coming online. They will do anything to make you think they are going to help……NOT.

    • This is a nother version of stonewalling. Keep all contact records to prove this or maybe to prove “bad faith” dealings.

  8. Some day our ship will come in…

    Ukraine’s former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko on Tuesday was sentenced to seven years in prison on charges of abuse of office in signing a gas deal with Russia, a verdict immediately condemned by both the European Union and Russia as politically motivated.

    I don’t think she even did anything illegal… McGuilty on the other hand…

    Our time will come…

  9. Thank you for your support!
    My son and i gave this radio statement on the 18th… listen to both files… one is what the radio hosr had to say just before he introduced us… We are trying to get the word out as best we can as to protect regular folk like us who are suffering at the hands of the Wind Industry!

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011
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    Tuesday, October 18, 2011
    Wind Farms: Harmful to Humans?
    Madely in the Morning – 8:10 am — Steve Madely is joined by Lisa Michaud and her 21 yr-old son Joshua in Thamesville, Ontario. The family in southwestern Ontario has launched a lawsuit against a nearby wind farm, claiming the turbines are damaging their health. They are demanding the farm be shut down.

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