Wind project threatens birds green group warns

8 thoughts on “Wind project threatens birds green group warns

  1. As much as I support protection of birds species , we have little ammunition here whatsoever.
    Cats kill millions of birds a year… is just too easy to play down.
    Not saying it isn’t important , just saying it is not a game changer

    • It is a generalization. Are there actual counts? I doubt it. Only estimates. How many cats are there. How about bigger birds eating smaller birds. Usually only the weak become prey. The data presented to me on bird kill by wind turbines predated the major growth in numbers of turbines, 2003. I heard it mentioned that 2 students had been hired to collect dead birds on one farm. That would be data, only if the operator would release that honestly.

    • May not be a game changer, however it is
      important if it creates infighting amongst the
      various green factions.

  2. CBC continues to present incorrect information. Last year each Wolfe Island turbine, which would be more representative, was responsible for about 14 deaths, not to mention the loss of habitat.

    More importantly, what about the cumulative effect of Wolfe, Ostrander, Amherst etc etc? Pretty soon there will be a solid wall of turbines around the eastern end of Lake Ontario. If Ostrander is permitted, at what point do we stop?

  3. Please note that downplaying the issue of bird kill because of domestic cats, does not take into account the types of birds. Most domestic cats are preying on abundant house sparrows and starlings. Wind turbines are having a very big impact on the more rare species within the raptor group such as Eagles and Hawks. And what of the bats, all wind turbine projects are showing very high levels of bat kills.

    • I am not downplaying the issue.
      To win the war , does it matter what battle decides the outcome?
      The bird issue is important to me as well , but for the most part easy to argue.
      The cat argument wasn’t mine, but like it or not , for the most part it sounds valid.
      I’m on your side…I’ll take the win anyway I can. And that will save birds.

  4. Before the Talbot 100 MW dwindle project went up I used to hear Screech owls very regularly…. not anymore. Such a travesty for wildlife and people both.

  5. Gotta use every argument available, birds, bats, amount of concrete, steel, low capacity factor, noise, vibration, costs, profits. Whether laying bricks or throwing bricks, don’t forget the mortar.

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