Government lacks power over turbines

by David Libby, Chatham Daily News
Sir: On Oct. 4, my letter concerning the legal action at the Kent Breeze Wind Farm was published. I outlined the problems and the government’s failure to provide help to myself and many other people in Ontario. I also stated that Mr. Pat Hoy, then-Liberal MPP for Chatham-Kent Essex, never personally responded to my complaint.

The day after my letter appeared in The Chatham Daily News, I received a message from Mr. Hoy stating that many months ago he called a company on my behalf. I was not aware that this phone call ever occurred and I do not have any evidence that it occurred. And I have never been given any details of what was said during this alleged phone call.

He also stated that his office assistant offered to come out and “have a listen.” This part is true and it came from his office assistant, not Mr. Hoy. This is an extremely interesting comment. Does Mr. Hoyís office assistant have extraordinary listening skills that are superior to MOE (Ministry of Environment) equipment? That is very possible because the MOE doesn’t have any equipment to measure noise from wind turbines. The MOE is supposed to be responsible for regulating the wind turbines.

On March 28, 2011 I received a message from Mr. Hoyís office without a signature. I do not know who sent it. It stated, ìhas the MOE investigated? They have the power to shut down the turbine and force the company to make adjustments as required by law.

I passed this message along to a senior MOE officer. The officer responded: The MOE has no protocol for measuring the noise from wind turbines. The MOE staff has no training for wind turbine noise situations. The MOE does not have the legal authority to shut down any wind turbines.

I then sent the officer’s response to Mr. Hoy. I received the response, “excellent update signed by the office assistant at Mr. Hoy’s Chatham-Kent office.

I believe the MOE staff would like to do something about these problems. There have been other instances were MOE staff has made it very clear to the Liberal government all of the problems involved with wind turbines. For instance in a document recently made public, Mr. Gary Tomilson, senior environmental officer, Guelph District Office, made similar statements. Such as: ìMOE field staff have no approved methodology to determine compliance with the noise levels identified in the Guidelines\Certificates of Approval Air for noise emissions . . .î

So yes, the Ontario Liberal government has purposely set up a situation where wind turbines are not regulated. Many people living near these industrial wind farms are having many problems and the Ontario government refuses to do anything about it.

I have all of the written documents to back up all of my statements in both of my letters to the Chatham Daily News (October 4 and this letter). And I hope anyone else who decides to comment will have the same proof.

David Libby, Ridgetown

8 thoughts on “Government lacks power over turbines

  1. Question – Who DOES have the power to shut down turbines if not the MOE? And who does have the methodolgy to determine the compliances with noise levels? Do they pay ‘experts’ to do this for them? “Curiouser and Curiouser – Alice in Wonderland – or rather Politicians in LALA Land!”
    How on earth can people fight for their right to not have turbines if we dont know who to fight- we are doing the exact same thing – fighting against a turbine invasion here in Melancthon! The future is bleak!

    • Most likely the answer to your question lies in the Green Energy Act itself and what the provisions of the act are. Or is this law so vague that no one knows who is responsible for what or who has authority over what? This act was put togther and passed in great hurry. Rushed through is hardly the word. Rammed through is more like it.

    • Lynne:
      The Provincial and Federal government have the power to shut turbines down. The Federal has never got involved in any way so far. The Provincial, which is the Liberals is getting huge kickbacks from the wind industry, campaign donations of various types and other types.

      A sound – noise expert is able to measure the noise emitted from a turbine. The wind farms hire what they call experts to measure the noise – self policing. They just produce some report that says everything is wonderful. The wind company’s only goal is to extract money, subsidies from the government. They do not care about anything else. If endangered species get in the way they have the provincial government issue them a permit to have them destroyed. If people get in the way they are nimbys and their problems are dismissed.

      The only person that can do anything about this is you. Get the facts on wind and let other people know about the scam. Complain to all 3 levels of government. Your complaints will likely be dismissed, KEEP SENDING THEM ANYWAY. Demand a response. A better way is a group complaint letter. You only need about 6-10 signatures for this to be effective, more is better. Put a sign up in your front yard.

      Everyday more problems are showing up and the wind industry’s position is getting weaker. We all have to do something.

  2. You have it all wrong, turbines bad for your health? Does not matter, they do not make any economic sense, and because none of you ever objected on that basis, you get what you deserve. You can only have your heads planted firmly away from the sunlight for so long. Green does not work, it cannot work, unless your taxes or hydro bills pay for it, and now you worry about your health? You are a day late, and 9 billion dollars short.

    • Hey cd,
      Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you are saying:
      ‘All politics is Local politics’ – and,
      in that regard I totally agree with you.

      It’s very very sad.

      • Perhaps, what I am saying is that everyone bought into the global warming garbage, never kept their eye on the prize, and while the rest of us will pay for the windmills, which do not work, you are stuck with them as a constant reminder that this is your payback for sending John Tory to CFRB radio instead of the premier’s office.

  3. Funny, John Tory doesn’t seem to think there is anything wrong with wind turbines. Maybe thats because CFRB is powered by Bullfrog power. Is he for or against? No one takes a stand either way. May have something to do with the investments they and their good friends stand to lose. Regardless those being harmed are considered insignificant by the elite, just as John Bennett said. John Tory doesn’t believe people are being harmed. He buys the spin they just don’t like them.

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