Learning from Evidence of Sound Experienced from Wind Turbines

Presentation delivered October 13, 2011 to the Canadian Acoustical Association Conference in Quebec by William K.G. (Bill) Palmer     Download Paper  

8 thoughts on “Learning from Evidence of Sound Experienced from Wind Turbines

  1. Frankly the last paragraph of the paper states it all. McGuinty has been, and continues to ignore health issues associated with IWT’s. Shame.
    “Thus, the link between the sound from wind turbines, to annoyance, hence sleep disturbance, and hence to adverse health effects is established, but yet no epidemiological studies have been conducted to prove the direct health effect. Still, to ignore concerns identified and to continue to
    site wind turbines by current regulations would seem to be imprudent, if not negligent.”

  2. I’m shocked,
    and saddened to hear 3 citizens have died!

    It’s unconscionable to continue down this road.

    I have always argued in my deputations to council –
    that all industrial infrastructure
    carries a certain degree of risk – and should not
    be exempt from a full environmental assessment.

    My arguments date back to 2006.
    The same year the Toronto Star (June 06) reported
    Minister of Environment, Laurel Broten
    in a behind closed door deal – exempted all green renewable infrastructure
    wind – gas plants – solar
    from the EA process.

    2009 – The Green Energy and Green Economy Act (Bill 150) enforced.

    I have also always argued human well being –
    should be at the fore front before considering
    any type of industrial infrastructure
    in the protected countryside.

    But government regulation(s) over ruled all reasonable arguments.

    The Liberals are a sham organization.
    Human health and wealth not an issue!

    McGuinty should resign!

    If you want to know the truth – I worry!

    • why would mcguinty resign. he’s gonna have the NDP to help support all his green ideas and turn Ontario into a place nobody will want to travel. remember the old license plates
      “Ontario keep it beautiful” now they promote “yours to discover”. I’m thinkin the next phrase to use (and keeping taxpayer dollars in mind) may be “Ontario – yours to recover”

      • You might have a point.
        Next: Ontario on Life Support

  3. and just another treat

    Why is it that if you’re an “activist” people should listen and panic and feel shame etc. (because WHO you are) but when facts are given by professionals such as at the tribunal their word was taken with a grain of salt and ignored. That is the biggest problem with the way politics works. nothing involves truth , all about covering your own butt to get voted back in

  4. Be careful, do not say 3 died due to wind turbines (as “Free Thinker” states) … that is not a proven fact. People do die all the time … all you can do is look at the frequency, and compare it to averages. Here the sample size is too small to be conclusive as it can just be “scatter” … but it might be evidence supporting an in depth study. That was all science permits us to state.

    Bill Palmer

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