198 Methods to Nonviolent Action

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3 thoughts on “198 Methods to Nonviolent Action

  1. “Honoring the Dead, #43, “Political mouring” The CAW& Greenpeace just had one of these in Windsor just prior to the election.
    “Economic boycott”, #71,” Consumer’s boycott”

  2. Greenpeace is nothing compared to it’s origin.
    The founders would have rallied against what Greenpeace.stands for .
    They have become what they once stood against.
    They are the corporations ….come full circle. How ironic.
    The real Greenpeace didn’t get Front Page News recognition by using these methods.

  3. Occupy Wall Street Movement does tie in with our issues in our fight with government and corporations walking all over the rights of rural people.
    The methods they are using are similar to what we used when I protested against the Vietnam War …
    Think about it. ….

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