Wind Turbines CANNOT Deliver

By Charley Urbanek, Goderich Signal Star
It still appears that the wind industry and some pro wind people still don’t understand. McGuinty’s Liberals understand now. More and more city and suburban people now understand that Industrial Wind Turbines are NOT the way to go.  The truth is reaching people by the 1000’s every day and soon everyone will know Industrial Wind Turbines are only about making money and NOT about saving our planet.

People are now understanding that industrial wind turbines are in fact, totally an unreliable and costly way of producing electricity and with all their NEW AIR POLLUTING gas backup generators having to be built and run 24/7, it now begs the question of just why are industrial wind turbines being built in the first place anyways?

OH Yes, we were ALL TOLD, they were to help “STOP, GLOBAL WARMING” a new buzz word introduced to the world. That buzz word has now been renamed to “Climate Change” another new buzz word. Great amounts of truthful information is now available from European Government studies, where the industrial wind turbines have been for 20 plus years and it is telling us, industrial wind turbines are a “FAILURE”. About the only thing industrial wind turbines are succeeding in doing is to make the cost of hydro SKYROCKET upwards and out of control.

This SKYROCKETING cost of hydro is happening even quicker here in Ontario. For the average ratepayer now in Ontario, with a hydro bill of $1,700 per year, they will see their hydro bill increase to an excess of $4,000 per year by or even before 2018. To put it another way, hydro in Ontario is going to cost you over 40 cents per kilowatt hour, plus all the new creative paper work and delivery charges. This will also greatly increase the cost of everything that uses electricity, water, gas, FOOD and rent on your apartment, condo or home just to mention only a few things.

All this money it’s going to cost us and for what? The industrial wind turbine is a product that “CANNOT DELIVER”. The spin doctors for wind turbines have gotten it wrong. You can only fool the people some of the time but that time is up!!!

Farmers and landowners are now also starting to band together to demand more MONEY which will result in even higher costs. Wind turbines are, only for the wind industry, governments and landowners to MAKE MONEY.

Charley Urbanek, Port Elgin

41 thoughts on “Wind Turbines CANNOT Deliver

  1. Not only do they cost money that has no return but the companies that try to sell
    them to small communities split the communities and cause bad feelings all
    around. The farmers who really need the money hate the non-farmer who
    knows the turbines don’t work as promised. It is a bad situation for all concerned.

    • Oh they work as promised……THEY ALL GET PAYED!! which is ALL they really care about! “farmers feed city’s……..electricity”

    • Isn’t this what happens when you replace something that works with something that dosen’t work? Always the case.

  2. I see this morning (Sunday) Ontario was producing excess generation of around 1000 Mw, sometimes more. All of this extra electricity had to be exported to Michigan, New York and Quebec.

    Early Sunday morning at one point the wholesale price was minus 13 cents kilowatt hour. This means Ontario had to pay it’s neighbors 13 cents per Kwh to take the extra electricity. And Ontario also had to pay the windmill companies 13.5 cents to produce it.

    Another way to look at it. Ontario was paying 26.5 cents Kwh (actually a bit higher with other charges) to throw away electricity.

    • Just in case McGuinty does not know this information, lets tweet him, can I take your quote?

    • On the sunday morning you were looking at, what generating stations were the ones that were not throttled back. Wind production is typically pretty minimal, Hydro is wonderfully controllable, Nat gas stations can be controlled to suit demand, Coal stations can even be throttled. Hmmmmm, I guess that leaves nuclear as the clean affordable reliable option. Just be thankful that the refurbishment at bruce isn’t complete otherwise we could have sold a whole bunch more power at -13 cents per kw hr. Thank goodness the plant at bruce fell substantially short of it’s design life (100% reliable; when they’re not in a decade long rebuild at half their design life). I have no issue with above chitter about electric vehicles being expensive to the point of not being competitive with conventional or hybrid vehicles at this point in time. The elephant in the room here is that the cost of operation of conventional cars is going to go up and meet the decreasing price of electric vehicles as their usage becomes a common option. Giggle at and belittle the electric vehicle option as you wish but please be proud enough of yourself and your perception of reality to walk instead of becoming a turncoat in five, ten or fifteen years when fossil vehicles are only for the wealthy of the industrialized world.

  3. Sign seen mounted by demonstrators in Devon, England, in the documentary film Wind Wars, to be seen part II tonight on TVOntario at 8 pm.: We pay, they profit.

  4. One thing to consider
    The excess energy issue , plays into the direction of having power for electric cars.
    They would just say they are building capacity to handle the demand.
    Don’t get me wrong , I agree with you and feel it is B###…nonetheless , the story plays out in their benefit.

    • Yes, and now we can ALSO see where their argument to get off foreign oil comes from(it confused me)! They want us in electric cars.
      P.S. Anyone want a good laugh watch the Top Gear episode on electric cars!;)

  5. We really are on the wrong side of this argument you know… I offer proof in this form. Let’s suppose you wanted to do a study of wind turbines — like I did, or Like Richard Wakefield did — and it takes time and money — so you apply for a grant to support you. (Just so you know even my simple paper occupied me for about three months of time — though not full time). Richard probably was occupied a similar mount of time. (Don’t believe him if he tells you it was less — programmers and mathematicians have a warped sense of time — as time-space is curved eh? — especially near a black hole like a research paper…)

    So here is how the money is doled out…

    Now that you have looked — have you seen the light?

    Anybody want to help me with my new paper — tentatively titled The Restorative Effects of Wind Turbine Noise with a review of how it prevents global warming — oughta be a best seller. Any assistants ready to sharpen pencils for me?

  6. Excellent article by Richard Wakefield, but IWTs are more sinister than shown. Using hourly average production values for IWTs hides the variability (and zeros) that would make the results worse than shown. IWT create inefficiencies on the grid that results in wasting reliable power to incorporate the variable IWT production. IWT created grid inefficiencies increases the need for additional production of reliable power and an increase demand for reliable capacity. IWTs are a waste of money and effort if they supposed to provide any power to our grid for consumer use.

    • Zen:

      People like me and Richard have to work with the numbers provided. We are well aware of the second to second variability in Solar and Wind. The demand side has the same variability (riding on the base load figures) as well.

  7. Hey folks. Generally speaking – it appears that there is widespread negativity and for the most part, lots of sarcastic jabs at what others are doing. How about some suggestions as to what the most desirable form of energy generation is? Wind – evil. Solar – unaffordable and intermittent, coal – dirty, Water power – causes obstructions to canoeists and fishermen, Nat gas – there’s got to be something wrong with it, Nuclear – keeps lots of union folk employed and one site can mean jobs for a region in perpetuity (unless there’s an accident). Lets try some discussion on why the alternatives to wind are better or worse. Envision a world where no one came up with the idea of wind or solar and project it out a decade or two. Lets hear what people believe about why each of the alternatives is better.

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