Chatsworth Council plans turbine rules

Owen Sound Sun Times
Chatsworth council is planning two bylaws to control wind turbine development in their municipality. Council proposes extending the setback distance between an industrial wind turbine and residence from 550 metres to 2,000 metres.  Council also wants wind turbine companies to have equipment to deal with high elevation fires and rescues. That would mean trucks with aerial ladders and high pressure hoses that could reach the top of the turbines, which are more than 10 storeys high.

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  1. West Lincoln council are getting another email. Cc Mr Hudak and Mr Barrett

  2. And so they should have that equipment. And it should be onsite – not three hours away. To date (Sept 30) there have been 164 confirmed wind turbine fires worldwide. According to Caithness Windfarm Information Forum, “The biggest problem with turbine fires is that, because of the turbine height, the fire brigade can do little but watch it burn itself out. While this may be acceptable in reasonably still conditions, in a storm it means burning debris being scattered over a wide area, with obvious consequences. In dry weather there is obviously a wider-area fire risk, especially for those constructed in or close to forest areas and/or close to housing. Two fire accidents have badly burned wind industry workers.” Check out for further information on turbine accidents

    • This is the reason why people need to be evcauated in ~1/2km radius around an IWT fire. IWTs at 30 storeys/~100 meters can’t be reached. Think most urban fire ladders only reach 7 storeys.

  3. Fantastic news! Somebody has to protect the families. This will save them from the inevitable lawsuits.

  4. I applaud this type of action from the small municipalities faced with industrial wind development.
    They are fighting their own senior government, plus the weight of the international wind lobby, but at least it can serve as a delaying action. Let the wind companies provide the specialized trucks and equipment needed to fight potential fires. Similarly bylaws related to road access and maintenance can be used to stall further wind development. Forcing the companies to fight endless local legal battles, at least makes them realize the cost of doing business. If it is too high, they will go elsewhere, after all, that is why they are in Ontario to begin with.
    I feel that almost any bylaw enacted locally, even if it will be overturned, is preferable to saying our hands are tied eith the GEA, we can do nothing.
    Direct political action at the provincial level failed this time, there are still many areas of legal initiatives that can be persued.

  5. I am so proud of Chatsworth council and all those who have helped fight back!!!! Hmmm I think I would enjoy retirement near Chatsworth especially if it is turbine-free.

  6. Yes; let’s now “take the bull by the horns” and draft up boilerplate by-laws recommending all municipalities adopt.

  7. Chatsworth council is going to have to rethink what they want,
    “wants wind turbine companies to have equipment to deal with high elevation fires”
    “reach the top of the turbines, which are more than 10 storeys high”
    no one is going to send in firemen to a 30 story high raging fire where
    three 7 ton 150foot blades are spinning around at up to 100 mph with burning oil
    possibly ready to break off at any moment .
    Our wonderful Mayor here in Haldimand has disregarded the safety of the people
    and welcomed Samsung, Capital Power and Next Era to build their 176 turbines here,
    Will he be libel for fires? , he has not even addressed the issue to the people .

    • Don’t know why rural Ontarians have put up with Samsung this long without considering taking action on their own?

    • Concerned Resident

      Your mayor and our mayor are relative neighbours and both are tools. Joyner goes to every NRWC science fair expo and snubbed us on our Windfall viewing. Even the first IPC meeting which had a podium style forum where we got to ask questions (Big mistake for IPC) I confronted the mayor about possible protections and he looked to the ground and mumbled. It even made the CHCH news. Anyway maybe I will see you at the next NRWC meeting protest at Smithville since Haldimand Wind Action did show up to the first one.

  8. Will he be liable for fires? I dunno — but it’s possible that people will be royally pi$$ed with him. .. and that’s not libel…

    • Sorry David, it’s “not possible we will be royally pi$$ed off with him” It is actually fact that we are very pi$$ed off with him. We are tired of his two faced dealings and know he is leading us down the highway to…
      It’s refreshing to see other counties that have leaders with the foresight to apply by-laws to restrict freeloaders from coming into their county to sow and reap their scam. Unfortunately in Haldimand we have a Liberal wanna be that is posturing for a position in the wizard if ID’s empire. He just hasn’t realized that he will be hung in the dungeon once the king gets tired of his stupidity!
      Although Idiot’s Domain applies, here it means Industrial Disease.

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