New Cabinet announced

Chris Bentley, Minister of Energy

Jim Bradley, Minister of Environment

by Romina Maurino, Canadian Press

TORONTO – The minority Liberals will unveil a leaner cabinet Thursday with no new faces as Premier Dalton McGuinty sticks to his election mantra that uncertain economic times require a steady hand at the tiller. Read article

22 thoughts on “New Cabinet announced

  1. Troubled economic times? What leadership? Anyone can double again what they have already doubled since they first doubled the kitty spent. Translation…invent new taxes….now sneaky carbon tax.

      • Indeed, a criminal lawyer! In the Trillium case a corporate lawyer would be better as this may hinge on contract law unless we don’t know something else is going on.

  2. They could settle the Trillium lawsuit by letting Trillium install IWTs in the GTA in exchange for putting them in Lake Ontario as it has been established by the present government that IWTs are safe in the 35-550 meter distances from homes

    • If it did, it would be like nitrous to the opponent cause. IWT’s in high park or near some of the million dollar homes aroung goreway north of steeles. All over main stream media

      • No excitement criss crossing ocean vessels in their wake. …but there are spinning blades….only when its windy

    • People used to think I was rude, uncaring and uncouth and made inflammatory comments in the past…

      I am glad to see that many of these ideas are resurfacing. 😉 rotflmao

      Turbines in Toronto Sooon! Our new movement!

      I want them in Rosedale and High Park. And oh yeah, where are those protesters camped out and sleeping?

      Plus the development charges that rural communities can charge wind turbine companies… Might as well get what you can when you have no decision making powers…

      • And since they are completely safe they can set up hostels in the nacel for anyone that wants a relaxing sleep. Or one across the street from Duguids place.

      • Great places for Greenpeace to hang out as they like to climb tall structures and hang banners.

      • Opps , bberry needs a larger screen

        No excitement criss crossing ocean vessels in their wake. …but there are spinning blades….only when its windy

  3. “Turbines for Toronto!!”….we should hold a rally !!

    • Well, the present government has gone to great lengths to inform the general public that IWTs are safe and pose no health threats. And only NIMBYs & BANANAS oppose them.
      So there is no reason that IWTs can’t be installed in urban areas. Let urban Ontarians do their share to save planet earth.

  4. Bradley has connections then with David Peterson
    McGuinty’s mentor….hmmmm?
    Peterson if my memory serves me correctly just so happens to be on several boards of Alternate Energy companies and if I recall he also has a Lobby firm which I believe lobby for Alternate Energy companies….there is more but I can’t remember it all.
    We have given these people too much time to regroup.

  5. Finally the dawn of a new day!–mcguinty-open-to-constructive-options-from-opposition-parties?bn=1

    In a thinly veiled warning to the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats, McGuinty told dozens gathered for the swearing in of his new and smaller cabinet that “we will not be dissuaded by those who seek to divide Ontarians at a time when we need to be strong, together.

    Got it chief! Stand together — no divisive tactics — we’re all in the same boat, rural, urban, green, brown…. goitcha Boss!

    Please don’t tell me that I have to explain “irony” — look it up in Wikipedia if you don’t get it. 😉

  6. I noticed with only one rural riding available, McGuinty had trouble finding an Agriculture Minister. Similarly the Rae NDP had to appoint a school teacher from Bancroft as Agr. minister when they were in charge. The only agriculture file in play is wind “farms”, so it matters little who he appoints; they couldn’t be worse than the last one.

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