Despite vow to move Mississauga power plant, construction goes on  WATCH VIDEO
Construction is still underway at a gas-fired Mississauga power plant the Ontario Liberals promised to move during the recent provincial election.  The Liberals made the promise on Sept. 24. But nearly three weeks after the Oct. 6 election, CTV News’ helicopter captured images of massive generators being moved to the site, located in the provincial riding of Mississauga South. Police vehicles were paid to escort the trucks, and hydro crews were hired to move overhead wires.  Read article

23 thoughts on “Despite vow to move Mississauga power plant, construction goes on

  1. Time for the people to demand a new election,on the grounds of misrepresentation of the cancelling of the plant,and now going ahead with it after being re-elected

    • He also promised no user fees
      No sooner did he get elected that the Health Surchage was added costing our family $1500 extra a year to unfairly oversubsidize the healthcare system that we already pay for.
      Why would a gas power plant continuing be something this party lost leep over..?

  2. McGuinty got his seat so now he will once again do what he wants. Perhaps the Urban area will now have a little sample of what it is like in rural Ontario. That is why ALL of rural Ontario is BLUE.This government just does what it wants the heck with democracy.

  3. Dear Dalton,
    You can reshuffle that Ministerial deck as many times as you like and we’ll still be stuck with amateur hour at Queens Park with this bunch. Amazingly enough, people actually voted you and some of your cadre of fly by the seat of your pants misfits back in. I’d laugh about these kinds of screw ups if it wasn’t costing us all so much. WAKE UP you Dalton supporting dolts. This is how you want to run a Province?

    • Exactly correct. We need to push forward to the good folks of Missisauga that the only reason they are getting a gas fired power plant is to back up IWT’s. Who is going to talk to Hazel? Maybe she wants the plant. Anybody know?

  4. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame om me, Three times??

    Lincoln was right, some people you truly can fool all of the time.

  5. The way I read this is that McGuinty will try to maneuver the opposition into “forcing him to keep his promise” — even though it makes no economic or technical sense to cancel the power plant.

    Then he can blame the loss of money on the PC’s and use it as an election issue in January 2012.

    We can have Wind Turbines or Gas Plants in the city without long transmission lines…or us rural types can have more power plants and the transmission lines as well…

    I think we need Gas Plants all over Toronto Proper and the suburbs… ..and wind turbines in all the parks, …and rip out the rose bushes and put in solar panels. It’s all very green and fashionable you know.

    • McGuinty could literally wait ’til Hazel is cutting the
      ribbon @ the opening ceremony and then scrub the
      gas plant. Foolish to think that any of our jackass
      politicians really care as to how much of our tax dollars
      are wasted.
      Politicians—-tax dollars—-accountability. This never
      has and never will be an issue in this country until
      sometime down the road we have to pay the piper ala
      I’m with David, gas plants in the city, share the grief.
      It may eventually open some urban eyes to McGuinty’s
      energy fiasco.

  6. Bunch of nimby’s over there in Missisauga!! It’s payback time, shoulda gone blue!!
    Oh well, at least it won’t stink like an ethanol plant does. You’ll get used to it, right?

  7. Actually….I see this only as good news for us. If the Liberal geniuses can “relocate” a gas power plant that is half built….they can surely “relocate” Industrial Wind Turbines when they finally accept that 550m is TOO CLOSE.

  8. Dalton McGuinty signed a contract with Ontarians when he was first elected.
    If it is anyone else that signed this , it would be considered bearch of contract , and either open to immediate termination or personal litigation.
    I do not believe anyone in Ontario could agree that he kept his word.
    Why is this being left off the table ?

    “I, Dalton McGuinty, leader of the Liberal party of Ontario, promise, if my party is elected as the next government, I will not raise taxes or implement any new taxes without the explicit consent of Ontario voters and not run deficits. I promise to abide by the Taxpayer Protection and Balanced Budget Act.”

    Here are some more ” Promises”.>>

    In 2003 …
    We will require public hearings on all legislation.
    We will not go into debt without first obtaining the approval of voters in a province wide referendum or a general election

  9. I agree with everything said in this blog. The problem is,we are the only one’s who read the blog. We have to get these comments out to the national newspapers and radio talk show host’s, so that the rest of the province understands what’s going on.
    Rant here, but let’s get the message out to the rest of the GTA also.

  10. You are right Nipcat…but many of the people here write letters to papers. Not all are willing to post them.
    Many put their voices to other blogs.
    The GTA is in a different world…as long as it doesn’t affect them they don’t care.
    They are the major polluters , and are quite happy that rural people pay the cost.
    And they are pretty gullible.
    And then you have the immigrant population…that has little in common with us. Meaning they just want to get by . Hard enough , let alone worry about other issues.

  11. Hey Dalton, if you’re reading this blog, be fully aware that we are going to reach the people of Ontario with letters and other forms of media to make the next 4 years very difficult!

    (you never know, he may read this blog now that he lost his majority!)

  12. I posted a comment on one of the Toronto radio station websites asking if they would like some wind turbines instead. Also wondering why Dalton didn’t call the people of Mississauga NIMBYS? They got conned. You can’t say “…sure, we’ll move the gas fired plant.”…and not address the wind turbines.

  13. Nipcat: Writing letters does not necessarily guarantee they will be printed. My experience is that letters from industry lobbyists, like CanWEA do generally get printed, but rebuttals from private citizens may not. Journalists from big city dailies are not stupid, but many are too lazy to do the investigative digging to write on wind energy. Others are ideologically committed to “Green Energy” and simply reduce the facts to Coal=bad, Wind=good nuclear= disaster. There are notable exceptions, particularly in the National Post, but generally journalists have not covered wind energy objectively.
    This is in contrast with the reporting from small papers in rural Ont, seen on this blog; the reporting has been excellent, and with much fewer resources. This is one reason commentators were so shocked that wind development played such a role in the election.

    By all means, continue to write and point out the simple truth, but don’t be discouraged if your letter is ignored. The editorial policy of large dailies is not apt to change with a letter campaign, but it may help to influence public opinion. It can’t do any harm.

  14. Letters to the Editor have very good chance of being printed if you:

    – Keep it under 300 words
    – Write it from the heart
    – Don’t ramble – just make your point

    This is a very effective way to get the message out.

  15. Some info on the Trillium Wind Lawsuit:

    “The Trillium case stretches back to 1996, when a forerunner of Kourtoff’s firm began researching wind energy locations around Ontario.

    It pursued them for several years until, Trillium claims, “without prior discussion” the government imposed a moratorium on offshore wind in order to conclude environmental and social studies.

    Kourtoff was told the moratorium was due to political pressure as surrounding homeowners objected to the esthetics. In August 2007, the company was advised “to stay quiet during the upcoming election,” a recommendation it followed.

    After the Liberals swept to power with a majority in 2007, the government magically lifted the moratorium.”

    • According to Kourtoff there are no legal papers for the offshore IWT moratorium. There is only a press release. So is there a moratorium or isn’t there a moratorium? Public taken in again?

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