Residents decry lack of wind turbine notification

West Lincoln council addresses wind concerns with project proponents

by Amanda Street, Niagara This Week
When Ken Martin wanted to build a shed, he had to go through the planning process. His neighbours were notified of his intentions, and once it was over, he could erect the simple building.  His neighbours, who have optioned their land to Niagara Region Wind Corporation for its 230 megaWatt wind turbine project, were not required to share that information, nor was NRWC required to go through regular planning channels. That’s because the provincial government’s Green Energy Act took decision making away from local municipalities, which is a “grave” concern for Martin and others who shared their thoughts with council Monday night.  Read article

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  1. I’m trying to get a 70000 head broiler chicken barn permit and so far have had trouble with my neighbours (who live 200 meters too close) and won’t sign a minor variance waiver to allow me to build BUT they are putting up two turbines on their property and haven’t asked me my permission!! Nice neighbours!!
    This burns me up.
    They complain about the potential smell (wake up @ssh*oles, this is rural Ontario where food is grown!) and now I’m going to have to put up with the noise from these monsters 700m away!!
    To get back at them, I’m going to get a building permit for a house near the proposed turbine sites so the turbines will have to be moved over 550m. I hope its not to late. Wish me luck.

    • Hi Chris, Run don’t walk get that permit! Good Luck I hope you get the permit and stick it to these SOB’s.

  2. I wish you luck Chris. We need more luck and action. McGuinty has nothing but contempt for rural Ontario.

    • Should have saw her face at the council meeting. Total loss for words when residents bringing up issues about well water, decommish. Turbine numbers are down to 77 from 132. Take that biatch, your not welcome here

    • Barbara is correct. Peel back the onion, and it’s all about the money. If wind power generation was only getting $0.07/kWh there would be no business case for business to even put a shovel in the ground because it’s about the money. At some point the line on the graph representing the cost will meet with the line representing people’s ability to afford to live in Ontario. Less products and services purchased results in business not doing well. Electricity is less expensive elsewhere in the world so industry moves…because it’s about the money. It continues until one day the government realizes that the economy of Ontario has become ‘unplugged’…and people are moving to other provinces because it is just too expensive to live in Ontario. It’s about the money. 30,000 new green industry jobs…and 300,000 fewer jobs in other industries because those industries and businesses can’t afford to operate here.They (we actually) have to spend billions to buyout the wind generation contracts, and spend billions more to take down the stupid things because they are too expensive to operate. It’s about the money. The current government is making the exact same mistake previous governments made with nuclear. Throwing money at something based on myopic consultant reports results in poor results…those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. They finally got the nuclear thing ‘more right’…hopefully someone figures out they are making the same mistakes and stops the stupid projects before it’s too late. Clean air…agree that’s good…but if nobody is here because they can’t afford to live…it becomes pointless…because it IS about the money.

  3. Same problem here – and I wrote to our local newspaper after we were quoted in a front page article after discovering that we are going to be surrounded by 12 turbines, on our one little acre! Of course my letter did not get published! Nor did I receive a reply from the eamil I sent to our local MP. Also – Other turbines are creeping up around us overnight – each day there seems to be another turbine in the distance. NOT ONCE have we been advised of what is going on around us. I brought up the permit statement on Facebook and was immediately shot down, by (mostly) young ‘greenie’ saying we need turbines and quit “NIMBY-ism-ing”. Oh how naiive they are, and simple ‘moths to flames’ – with no clue that they are eating out of the hands of money-making politicians and CEO’s who, in a few years down the road, will leave them to clear up the turbine mess – financially and literally! They will reap what they sow! Unfortunately WE are the ones who will suffer first!

    • iIt is amazing how ignorant people can be, and how easily swayed, esp. our younger generation. Our off-spring are in line for turbine-dismantaling!! Thought it up themselves! I’m looking at it as job-security for them! It also amazes me how these tiny townships are sucked into the pressure of having to comply, rather than standing up and saying NO to the ridiculous sitings of these monstrosities. I guess everyone has to put food on the table at night, but without much support locally, 1 begins to look like a trouble-maker…and that’s no fun! I’ve been told we should have seen this coming…it was just a matter of time. Why are we so willing to allow this to happen??? Why do we succumb to the almighty $$, and sacrifie our fellow neighbour? it irks me all over.

  4. With our government legislating what goes on in our children’s schools, there is some educational factors that are being introduced that is brain washing them to believe this “Green Energy Act” is supposed to help the planet. That is why the youth of today are so “out of it”. The reality is, that mother nature takes care of the planet itself (there is no global warming-it’s a farce) and if we leave well enough alone we may actually save our planet. That however means big industry will not thrive and maybe our jobs will stay in the province they start up in and us small time business people can actually continue to live comfortably as we once did….. For those who have children they need to teach them the real facts of life – farms, nature, natural growth etc. and make sure there children get/understand that the Government is just about money !!!!!!! OUR MONEY They need to understand we have to hold our governments accountable for their actions ! If we don’t educate them, their future is at stake.

  5. Lynne the PR Lobby groups , sometimes which are funded by Trillium , actually have people all over the social internet sites and newspapers , arguing and refuting something like what you have tried to do and you have experienced what they do.
    You post something against IWTs, they attack the letter .
    There was an interesting one on PEC blog that went on forever , it finally went down to the land only being scrub.
    Whatever your issues are , they redirect from the MONEY making machine , to world destruction , and being a sustainable society Blah blah blah.
    They get paid to minimize what you say.
    It is always the same come back , and always the same redirects. It’s almost as if they have a chart with responses from A to Z..and they always have to have the last post.
    NGO be damned …this Professional Lobby PR industry needs a very rude awakening.
    Their entire agenda is to control the discussion and brainwash…the words are carefully chosen to leave no room for questioning

    • Ernest brings up something the public is not generally aware of. Services are available that do nothing but monitor social networking across the Internet. Primarily used by the retail industry to protect brand image and proactively practice better customer service, those same services can easily be used for FUD…because there is big money involved. There`s no doubt that Twitter, Facebook and any other social networking sites are being monitored 24×7. Anything comes up that paints them in a no-so-good light results in relatively quick re-direction of a conversation. This will be same with any contentious issue involving big money. The Internet is a very big and powerful message board and big money is very, very aware of this.

    • It’s unfortunate but rural Ontarians will need to show their economic muscle and there is no PR that can stop this and this will get media attention real fast. Most consumer goods makers and retailers, due to intense competition,operate on low profit margins. So it dosen’t take much in lost sales to have a big impact on businesses and will wake up many more businesses as to what is going on. All it takes are e-mails to any particular business stating why you won’t purchase their products.

      • A flood of negative e-mails to any business will get their attention real fast.

      • A flood of phone calls to corporate call centres will accomplish the same thing. Both e-mails and phone calls can cause corporate communication centres to crash.

  6. From the article; “Also in the contracts, which are not confidential said spokesperson Randi Rahamim, is a letter of credit for up to $100,000 for the decommissioning of the giant towers — 124 metres high to the hub with 55 meter blades — a number members of council argued was too low.”

    Council should be advised that the “letter of credit” is worthless if the company goes under.

  7. Now you hit my area of”interest”.
    Lets take the debate off the table ,
    As an intelligent person , lets look at the numbers
    Canada 34 Million people
    Africa , India , China , Brazil , USSR amount to around 5 BILLION people. and they do have cars and make things and even have electricity…that darn evil thing.
    Now if the earth doesn’t actually warm and cool naturally , if forest fires , volcanic eruption which actually also occur in the ocean even on the North Pole don’t have any effect.
    If the 350 plus space shuttles blowing through our atmoshpere a year don’t affect things or the effect of wars , or the clear cutting of rainforests and the fact that emerging nations have little to absolutely no environmental concerns , or the biofuel industry growing crops for fuel or the super livestock concerns and the methane produced , or the cargo vessels travelling back and forth across the oceans and the air travel and shipping aren’t the issue.

    Then , 14 million people in Ontario , vast province is destroying the entire universe because we turn a light bulb on.

    You don’t think it may just be PR work redirecting us from the fact that we are being scammed into embracing being sold overpriced electricity for profit which was supposed to be much cheaper after Ontario Hydro was deregulated ..due to competition ?
    Because , worry about a what we do in Ontario with 14 million people when you look at 5 Billion not worrying about it ….I am not sure IWTs in Ontario will help much especially when Gas has to burn as backup

    • Complete + udder “SCAM” is right! foiled, fooled, and we’re paying for it to happen. UGH!

    • Finally…this is exactly the thing people are missing. There is very much a difference between buying something…and being SOLD something. When I see all the propaganda, marketing brochures and such along with information on the Ontario government website…depicting clear blue skies, rolling green fields and two or three wind turbines…you have to ask yourself a question. Have you ever seen such a picture in real life? If someone has evidence of such a scene in real life please speak up.

      What I have seen is 60, 70 or more wind turbines scattered among the neighborhoods of real people and their homes (some now abandoned). That instantly tells me that there is a selling job going on. In my opinion, the government has been duped into thinking there is a crisis in Ontario by people doing a sales pitch. Depict an image that unless they buy there will be serious consequences. Add in the green huggy huggy kissy kissy geee don’t I feel all warm inside pitch with a portrait of David Suzuki under your arm and suddenly people are lapping up what you’re selling. My as well add in a few pictures of baby seals while we’re at it.

      If people actually took the time to read and understand (instead of just outright buying the drivel) they would see a different picture. Sparing the details here, but when the cost of 20% or more of the electricity supply goes up over 450% (current average spot price vs. FIT prices and displacement of current generation capacity with “green”) there will be impacts. The PR people, including McShifty, will tell you there will be increased costs and it is important as we are on a doomsday course otherwise and leave it at that. People say…in the name of being “green”, OK. What they don’t realize, and not being told, is what that truly means in terms of cost. That cost…could easily be…not being able to live in Ontario. People can’t buy services/products and industry leaves for lower cost and friendlier environments.

      What…nobody talked about the consequences? Oh right…we’ve been SOLD.

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