‘Some’ was an interesting choice of words for Canwea to use

by G. Hawkridge, MyKawartha
Is it just me, or are people not paying any attention to the news of late? I refer to the very “quiet release of truth” from Canwea (Canadian Wind Energy Association) at the almost close of business a couple of weeks ago. Finally, but very reluctantly, CanWea has come out with the statement that IWTs (Industrial Wind Turbines) do make “some” people sick.  Only CanWea would use the word “some” in that particular context. Is it just me, but wasn’t SARS responsible for making “some” people sick and perhaps it’s just me again, but doesn’t smoking cigarettes cause cancer in “some” people?  Read article

4 thoughts on “‘Some’ was an interesting choice of words for Canwea to use

  1. Some = “acceptable” casualties..as long as it isn’t them, right?
    Bernie Madoff only cheated SOME people, but he still got 150 years!

    How many people are being cheated out of their peace, health, home equity and other rights by the huge SwindLE taking place now?

  2. It’s just another thing being ignored. Some is probably correct. How many things in life do you know affect some people but not others? Some people are allergic to the protein in peanuts, most are not. Some people get migraine headaches, most do not. Some people are very athletically talented, most are not. Stuffing a sound meter in someone’s living room to measure sound level is like weighing the jar of peanut butter.

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