Ontario wants to lower price paid for green power

CTV TORONTO— Ontario wants to start reducing the amount it pays to producers of wind and solar power.  The Liberal government has been paying big premiums for renewable energy as it tries to develop a new, green economy.  The province pays up to 80 cents per kilowatt hour for power from small solar projects while electricity consumers pay between five and 10 cents per kwh. Energy Minister Chris Bentley says a scheduled two-year review of the feed-in-tariff rates will report back early next year after hearing from the public. Read article

21 thoughts on “Ontario wants to lower price paid for green power

  1. lowering the rates paid for green energy is “a natural progression”
    translation…..this is going to bankrupt the province and is unpopular so we better do something about it, total manipulation of the truth. I guess McGuinty picked this guy because Duguid sounded more idiotic when telling lies

    • Power Magazine, “Epic Fail”, Oct.1,2011, http://powermag.com/business/4023.html
      Scroll down to “governments “push-pull-plus'” marketing plan for “green” products.
      Push – government decides a product is good
      Pull – government creates artifical market demand
      Plus – government gives incentives & tax credits
      Also the Ontario plan for wind and solar.

  2. Does this imply that wind development will continue unabated with smaller profits for the players?
    Will they try to get the turbines all built, then raise the cost a few years down the road? What about those who sign land lease agreements with the wind developers?

    We don’t need turbines. We don’t want turbines.They do harm.

    • It’s often more important to the political class what the MSM dosen’t report than what the MSM does report. Favours do need to be returned.

  3. Why would the Ontario Government buy Green, inexpensive water Hydro from Quebec at about 6 cents per kwh, when they can Billions and Billions on FAKE Green Energy that adds ZERO Energy to our province and practise their own brand of Crony Crapitalism with the Wind Welfare Companies and give Millions of Dollars to the FAKE WInd Lobby groups thru the Trillium Foundation ????

    • Randy you are right but this is about creating an Industry
      mcguinty wanted to create an environment industry in Ontario
      which under the surface is a pile of horse ####
      IWTs lay waste to rural areas..tell sell us power ?
      He was elected to stop privatization
      Sorry but the PR just didn’t work , not when people began to “think”
      Environmentally friendly what a load of ###

  4. Oh, oh. Tom Adams does not have good news:

    “In yet another indication of the expanding role of politics in controlling Ontario’s power system, the Ontario government announced today that it is shouldering aside the agency responsible for administering the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program — the Ontario Power Authority — and initiating a review of the program directly under the control of the minister of energy.”

  5. The green energy bankruptcies just keep on coming:

    “A Massachusetts company that received a $43 million Energy Department loan guarantee last year filed for bankruptcy Sunday, a step certain to fuel criticism of federal green energy financing in the wake of the solar company Solyndra’s collapse.

    Beacon Power Corp., which develops energy storage systems, filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware.”


  6. Maybe it’s just me, but the last 7 questions can be paraphrased as:
    What else can we do for the unreliables scam, in addition to FiT?
    What other unreliables should we pick to harm you with?
    How can we shut up the municipalities?
    What groups are way better than other groups?
    How can we give money to people we like who can’t connect to the grid?
    How do we shut up actual environmentalists?

    • Ha ha! So true! I kind of gritted my teeth to answer as appropriately as possible. I suppose they must be aware that we’re waiting to see what crooked road they intend to follow.
      On CBC this morning, a report said that ex Ford workers could work in the renewable industry, NOT just manufacturing, but maintaining the faulty solar panels and wind turbines.
      An OPA pamphlet from school listed a negative for wind being that it is unreliable, but all
      the pictures in the pamphlet were of wind connected to hydro lines.
      It’s as if they know the public doesn’t like wind turbines, but still want to promote the myth.

      • CBC dosen’t know how few full time workers are employed in the wind & solar industry? Solar panels are being made in Asia not here but some are assembled here. Can’t believe how far out of the loop the Canadian MSM is about solar issues compared to what is being published in the States on these issues.

  7. CBC also doesn’t seem to know how many full-time unionized jobs have been created by the nuclear industry in Ont. over the past 50 years. Currently 3700 employed at Bruce Power according to their web. Add the positions at Darlington, Pickering and other sites, this dwarfs the most optimistic predictions of renewable energy jobs, These are real positions, not phantom wind, solar jobs.

    • And most, if not all, good paying union jobs, as opposed to the 12.00/hr.-15.00/hr., wind/solar industry, assembly line jobs!

  8. Scott Luft summer if the survey already. My comments was goint to be:
    All of the questions in this survey are cleverly politically designed to solicit comments in support of renewable energy programs and FIT contact subsidizations to continue, soliciting suggestions to be designed to even enhance further expansion of these “welfare payments”.

    I hope no one has made suggestions other than discontinue, discontinue…
    Any positive answers or suggestions are a vote to for continuation of these subsidies.

    I have never read anything as blatently dishonest as the statements made in this survey. Any answer but that this is a political sop at appeasement of the rural discontent so evident in this last election would be tantamount to supporting this Government’s path of renewable destruction.

    • Question framing can play a valid role in surveys but that used in the FIT review survey is ridiculous. The pols (surprise !) have no shame.

  9. A minor point, but the article should compare the outlandish FIT rates (80 cents for roof-mounted solar and 13.5 cents for wind) with the rate paid to other producers (i.e. hydro, coal, gas, nuclear), or the market rate (around 3.5 cents) NOT the retail rate charged to consumers (5 to 10 cents).

  10. Ugh, I should re-ready my typing before hitting the submit button. In any case here is additional advice (courtesy of David Robinson) from another page for anyone that has not yet taken the survey:
    People here should be willing to do this survey BUT!!!!
    BE RESPONSIVE to the question.
    If you want to say your piece — do so — but answer the question first.

    For example at one point they ask how much more Aboriginals should receive for their FIT grants. May answer was something like this:

    They should receive Zero Additional Funds for their FIT subsidies. I have already stated that I believe that the correct subsidy under the FIT program is Zero and that electrical generation systems should be chosen on their merits as being effective, efficient and productive providers of power.

    My first point is RESPONSIVE to the question — then my “rant” or additional points follows.

    It makes it tough to throw out my survey…

    So have at it and have fun — but do answer the question first!. They do provide reference materials and links to the documents in question — so there is no excuse for not understanding the question

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