CAW to build wind turbine close to residents

By Shawn Sutherland, Shoreline Beacon
The CAW Family Education Centre is about to become the site of the first wind turbine in Saugeen Shores. The turbine, expected to be nearly 250-feet tall, is exempt from the law requiring a minimum setback of 550 metres due to its approval prior to the 2009 Renewable Energy Approval Regulation. Read article

30 thoughts on “CAW to build wind turbine close to residents

  1. As a CAW member for almost 23 years, I am also very disappointed in these jackasses.

    • Well you are aware the above statement reveals your age give or take a little. Make a deal, I wont tell anybody if you stop deleting my posts. Granted the one was comparing the physical attributes of a wind proponent to the “homliness” of a wind farm, and the second touched on diety. So if I stay away from those …Do we have a deal?

      • Proud grandmama of three (soon four).

        No deal. Posts will be deleted at my discretion. No explanation needed.

    • I’ve been a member of the CAW and before the merger, the United Electrical Workers (UE) for a total of 29 years. You don’t revert to past health and safety rules to get a job done. You follow the latest rules and regulations. My union executive and health and safety rep are disgusted about the way the CAW is placing this wind turbine and said e-mail Ken Lewenza.

      Contact CAW National President Ken Lewenza:

      205 Placer Court,
      Toronto, Ontario
      M2H 3H9

      416.497.4110 (ext 6555)
      1.800.268.5763 (ext 6555)

      • We have to understand that this Vampire Economy is gloabl corporate welfare as is the environment industry. The CAW has become part of it.
        When you have Ken Lewenza taking part in Climate Change Conferences …you have a problem.
        Look to emerging markets and where future growth is expected while ours steadily declines and you will have part of the answer.
        I have always supported collective bargaining , and have always spoken out for unions in every collective bargaining issue in the last 20 years..
        But this is not right.
        It is actually supporting destroying industries in Ontario.
        And that means well paid union jobs.

      • Union leaders get invited to conferences/meetings on climate issues and then they get swollen heads becuse they think they have become so important when they have little if any science training. They are being used by the “green” climate industry to build consensus on energy issues. No thought is given to the job losses for their members.

  2. I cannot fathom the leadership of this union flirting with wind power and other “green” energy projects. Nuclear power has created literally thousands of long term jobs in the region, going back 2 generations. Wind turbines have also been around Huron-Bruce for about 2o years. They have created a few dozen construction jobs and some low level maintenance positions.
    Does the CAW leadership in any way represent its membership?
    On that note, Peggy Nash is running for NDP leader.She is in favour of “green” energy for job creation. Someone should ask how green energy can be defined in such a way as to exclude Nuclear energy.

    • Union leaders have been sold the idea that the new “green” economy will furnish lots of high paying jobs to replace the jobs lost in the old “carbon” economy.
      The use of IWTs and solar panels to produce electric power won’t work because their use is not based on logic. There are no logical arguments for their use.Logic is often refered to as reason or common sense.Cost – benefit is also based on logic.

      • The renewable energy fad is based on ideology,politics,political goals and greed. None of these will stand up to logic being applied to the renewable energy issues.

      • Planet Gore šŸ˜€ good one, with Duguid and McGuinty as the minions
        They are reading too much Paradise Lost by Milton…..they truly want to rule in hell than serve in heaven šŸ˜€

    • Well IBEW came out in favor of green energy prior to provincial election. They must think the 80,000 jobs DuGuid was talking about will fill their ranks.

      • The unions won’t get much in the way of dues from low paying jobs.

      • 1 percent of a lousy wage is still lousy…especially when there is only 12 employees in a phony plant..barely enough to pay the 400K salary of the bosses. Irony is Buzz is working in oil and gas out west.

    • “Green” energy has to be renewable and the “fuel” used in nuclear reactors does sort of get used up. Hydro is also not renewable even tho water dosen’t get used up but run of the river is renewable.
      The arguments used to promote renewable energy scams are NOT LOGICAL and this is why they don’t make sense.

      • Not logical indeed, but the green zealots have been extremely sucessful in hijacking the language. OK “renewable” by hair splitting reasoning excludes nuclear power, but “green” energy clearly does not. Ont already produces over 60% of electricity from green power sources; wind turbines are a solution to exactly what problem?
        This is what needs to be pointed out, or corrected when we read stories about green energy advances.

      • It all depends on the meaning of terms and how they are used/defined. If renewable means the “fuel” is not used up in the production of electricity then this excludes nuclear. The public has been inundated with confusing terms when it comes to energy production.So wind/air & sun are not used up in power production so they are both renewable. Coal,oil and gas would be used up and non-renewable sources.Water seems to fit both depending on who is using the term water.
        Confusion and lack of logic benefit promoters of renewable energy.

      • If “green” energy means no CO2 is produced at the point of power production, then nuclear,hydro,wind,solar and run-of-the-river would fit this definition. So renewable and “green” power may not always mean the same thing. Rather depends on who is using these terms and what they mean by them.

    • Nissan, Ford & GM all have EVs priced about the same with the Toyota EV price yet unknown. All four EVs are priced for demographic market salary range of ~ $200K as buyers? Dosen’t leave much room for many EV sales with this limited demographic range.

  3. Will they be required to have their own emergency response plan, decommissioning funds,
    and road use bond up front? What about being neighbourly, and asking what the rest of
    the community thinks about it?
    Oh, right, rural Ontario has no rights and no say. We just pay for the scam and hope we
    don’t get sick and can sell our homes, and if we can, get more than 50% of their value.
    This is an insult to a community that has worked so hard to expose the wind and solar industry
    and the Liberal government’s ‘green energy’ scam.

    • maybe after they get a turbine and find out how truly inefficient they are, they might get off the green band wagon. Hope the big shots have trouble with headaches, sleeping and tinitus when they are there

  4. I hope a protest/blockade of the CAW turbine is being planned.

  5. Union dollars and pension money is deep in this
    If people only knew there would be am immediate changing of the guard
    Another PR grooming tactic which our tax dollars are likely paying for

  6. Get a load of this comment on the Shoreline Beacon page

    In spite of the results of the provincial election? The more the issue was discussed, the more the voters changed their voting intentions away from the PCs who pushed this issue. Courts, tribunals, health experts, scientists, all have studied wind issues and came to the same conclusion. In politics you can oppose something without having facts on your side, but others don’t have that luxury.

    Voters were lied to. This wont be the last we hear about this story. CAW setting themselves up for future litigation if it proceeds. Kangaroo tribunals and wind sponsored experts

  7. I think it is time to organize a proper protest folks — but you need a real draw — a crowd pleaser — if you will… I just happen to have a modest suggestion…!

    Now Derek can warm up the crowd, you can have movies (like WindFall) playing in tents and we can see if Peter Kent will come and explain all the fuss on why we need this stuff.

    If it works for Come by Chance, it can work for Saugeen Shores! What do you think folks?

      • The MSM dosen’t dare oppose the UN led cabal that seeks to install the new “green” economy around the world. Billions of dollars are at stake here. Don’t get in the way of the uber rich who expect to cash in big with this scam.
        As of now it appears that the Ministry of Health was subverted to enable IWTs to be installed in rural Ontario.

      • Well I send Mr Marcus Gee an email asking if his lack of knowledge of IWT’s has intent to mislead the readership or just not being informed and sent him a few links…….you never know;

      • Can someone tell us for sure if the CNE turbine is operating or not? It was broken but does anyone know if it is fixed? It makes a big difference when one starts talking about the number of birds the turbine has or has not killed.

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