Ontario FIT Program Review Commences


1. Given declining costs, especially with respect to solar PV technology, and the development of new renewable energy technologies, should changes be made to the current FIT prices and price categories? If yes, please provide feedback on suggested changes to existing size tranches and contract prices.

2. “Some jurisdictions use a tiered pricing system known as ‘dynamic degression’ where a certain price is paid until a targeted amount of renewable energy is developed, and that price reduces by a certain percentage after that target is reached. This process is sometimes laid out in legislation, allowing developers to plan ahead.”

To ensure program sustainability, what mechanism/process should the government of Ontario incorporate for future FIT price reductions?

3. In addition to FIT prices, should Ontario consider other mechanisms/tools to support clean energy manufacturers based in Ontario? For example, should Ontario consider a more robust strategy to support clean energy export opportunities?

4. Should the FIT Program consider new renewable energy technologies? Which new technologies should be considered and what requirements should apply to them?

5. To compliment REA, what other ways could citizens and municipalities be engaged and consulted about renewable energy projects being proposed in their communities?

6. “…some jurisdictions, including Ontario, have ‘price adders’ on top of prevailing FIT rates, to help certain groups or communities overcome obstacles to renewable energy development. One obstacle, in particular, is securing project financing.”

Are there more effective incentives, support programs, or mechanisms that could be provided to encourage more participation in renewable energy projects by community organizations, Aboriginal communities and the broader public sector such as municipalities and school boards? Do you support ‘price adders’ for specific groups?

7. The Ontario government has demonstrated its commitment to renewable energy development. How should the Ontario government diversify renewable energy development beyond the FIT Program?

8. The Government has made recent improvements to streamline the provincial environmental approvals process. While the integrity of the process must be maintained, are there further efforts that could be considered?