Scarborough Bluffs Anemometer to remain until 2012

by David Nickle,
The anemometer that Toronto Hydro has been using to test wind levels off the Scarborough Bluffs will remain there until the fall of 2012, over the objections of local residents who want the device out of the lake as soon as possible.  That was the recommendation from Toronto’s executive committee Tuesday, Nov. 1, who was considering a proposal to stop the two-year research project a couple of months earlier. Read article

11 thoughts on “Scarborough Bluffs Anemometer to remain until 2012

  1. Thats what you get voting DuGuid back in with a landslide. Directives of manipulation come from the top. The feelers are out monitoring public reaction.

    • Nothing was gotten in writing so they are probably have been taken in. Same for the Mississauga people.

      • Toronto and GTA will figure it out for next election. Can not continually teabag the populous and get away with it. Not to mention not even the liberals can go on spending the way they are, cuts are a coming regardless who is in power.

  2. Mr Do No Good sold out First Nations as Minister We need to rid ourselves of this guy,

  3. No treaty ever signed in United States or Canada has ever amounted to anything, They were just broken promises scribbled down on paper.We are constantly reminded what was done to us by what they are doing to you. The battle continues for our Indigenous Human Rights.

  4. I will be shortly camping out on the beach at the bluffs until the monitor IS REMOVED.


  5. The difference being that we have a clear purpose directly tied to Queens Park legislation. We need to be present to the politicians we elect.

  6. Well Linda,,,,Only fools are satisfied,,,You will attain nothing sitting on the side lines occupying your livingroom tv.

    • Grey Eagle…
      That is the wonders of the modern world.
      Sitting in your livingroom you have access to every media in North America
      And you can do good things with a laptop computer and an internet connection

      Why are you thinking of an Occupy movement for the Bluffs?
      Off shore IWTs or Native Issues ?
      And I agree ” fools are never satisfied”…more OR spin language.
      Canada had done so much better than other countries in the meltdown a statement you always hear …many don’t realize that we bailed our banks out as well…

  7. We wish you the best Grey Eagle. You might be the light that shines the brightest in this mess. Your courage and conviction are very much appreciated. Hope you get much publicity. Stay warm my friend and hopefully our Toronto people will bring you warm food and comfort.

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