Editorial: Ontario’s green energy blunder

Toronto Sun
Around the world, governments that leapt before they looked in jumping on the green energy bandwagon are now desperately trying to jump off. That’s why it’s no surprise the debt-ridden Liberal government of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is gearing up to do what the U.K., Spain, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, along with many other jurisdictions, have already done when it comes to subsidizing green energy.

That is, slash the ludicrously expensive subsidies of up to 80¢ per kw/h they have been forcing Ontario electricity consumers to pay for renewable energy, when the cost of electricity from conventional sources is around 5¢ per kw/h.

Energy Minister Chris Bentley didn’t say in his Tuesday announcement how many jobs will be lost after the Liberals review their so-called feed-in tariff (FIT) program in a report due by mid-December.

That’s because since renewable energy can’t survive without massive government subsidy, when you cut the subsidy, you cut the jobs that subsidy creates.

Then again, since the government’s claim wind and solar power will generate 50,000 new jobs in Ontario by the end of next year is the stuff of fantasy to begin with, it’s clearly too much to ask it to talk honestly about these issues.

In the real world, studies across Europe have shown high government subsidies for green energy kill far more jobs than they create because of their contribution to rising electricity prices.

McGuinty’s other boast about green energy — that investing in it has allowed Ontario to drastically reduce its coal-fired pollution and greenhouse gas emissions — is equally absurd. The reason for that is Ontario needs less power than it did a few years ago because its manufacturing sector, already under siege prior to the 2008 recession, has been devastated, meaning there’s less need for electricity.

Besides, we will still need fossil fuel energy to back up unreliable wind and solar power — because the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine.

McGuinty’s plan there is to replace our coal-fired power plants by 2014 (seven years later than he originally promised) with cleaner burning natural gas-fired ones.

In reality, that could have been done without the whole green energy boondoggle.

But that would have been too simple. And logical.

15 thoughts on “Editorial: Ontario’s green energy blunder

    • Well the link is not active on the Sun website……I will be sure to order another 4 face cord of wood for this winter heating season

      • Have 20 tree’s to come down and chainsaw..help yourself.have planted 300 to compensate……..

      • Well the story is online now……who allows large tracts of boreal forest to be used for energy production on an industrial scale….same goes for using food production for ethanol. What about the wind industry cutting large tracts for wind turbine installations.

        Bunch of hippocrites

  1. Greedplease opinions or views matter little to me.
    I am tired of reading about the opinions of the people that are the problem like GreedPlease.
    I want to hear from people that have solutions …

    • Solution, you will see one in the next 10 years, a mix of fema prison, marshal law and locking up anybody with an opinion. So we are on the list. Google Georgia Monument. Small but powerful group will solve the deforestation and overpopulation you have an opinion about. This is the true reason for the demise of democratic rights you see vapourizing around us……which allow these turbines to go up around us. War peace cycle.

      • I am not an extremist nor is anyone in our coaltion.
        But when anyone talks about sustainable anything those 4 key areas are the only areas that can actually have an impact on mankind’s future.
        And as Chris has said and I agree , that it is inevitable that we will reach peaks for many things in the future.
        Gas , coal and energy are least of the long term worries of mankind.. Those are the least pressing when you talk “sustainability”.
        And the “experts” are tuned into the need for new approaches so steam has been building for a few years talking about aiding Africa or India to be prosperous and in doing so it will lower population growth.

    • Hey Barbara,

      nice article – excerpt

      In addition to the cost of the radar development, taxpayers are on the hook for more than $1 billion in subsidies for the construction of the Shepherd’s Flat wind farm, according to a 2010 memo from Larry Summers and two other White House economic advisors.

      In relation to your posting:

      Larry: Hedgefund manager


      • These wind developers don’t care how much financial burden they lay on the backs of ordinary people to pay for. Their only interest is in making a pile of money from these IWT projects.
        Heads of pension fund fools investing in hedge funds. The little people lost big time in these scams.

    • Not to mention scrambling of TV and radio signal for rural residents. Software fix wont help there. It is ludicrous that a solution to remove areas from a radar screen would even be considered. As if the by not seeing the anomoly and the section of sky on the screen will make it all better. I guess instead of the Bermuda Triangle they want Triangle North America.

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