McGuinty: Who Shall I Screw Next?

Hard to stop Mississauga gas plant, Liberals admit

Robert Benzie and Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
The Liberals are having a hard time getting rid of their gas pains. Premier Dalton McGuinty admits his new government is powerless to quickly stop construction of a Mississauga gas-fired power plant cancelled for political reasons just before the Oct. 6 election.

On Wednesday, he conceded it will take time to actually halt the building of the electricity plant located near Sherway Gardens.  Read article

37 thoughts on “McGuinty: Who Shall I Screw Next?

  1. Give me a break. When constructions workers were interviewed prior to the election they stated they had no word come down to halt in any way. There is no way this is going to be stopped, moved, or otherwise. Voters McGuinty has suckered you in again!

    • And look at Torstar sugar coating the McGuinty Lie. You are absolutely correct but the Star should have titled “McGuinty suckers Mississauga with Hazel’s help”. I would not want to be living 500 meters from a gas plant or an IWT. McGuinty even stated “we have to cancel because we can’t even get a green permit to install a wind turbine there due to nearby condos under construction. Silver lining definitely more awareness to the energy issue. Hey Donna Cansfield I guess as speaker of the house you must agree with the government instead of championing the cancellation of gas turbines in your backyard. The reality is the wasted money on this issue pales to the money and subsidy and enironmental damage due to IWT’s over next 20 years but gets more print and airplay

  2. Keep asking McGuinty in the glare of public headlights, if he admits it cannot be stopped, then why did he open his beak to say he would stop it. Politicians always come to feed like chickens, then take off when you want to catch one for chicken stew.

  3. Ethic’s and accountability would concern the Engineer that signed this Gas Power station off!

    • A few people in the GTA played petty power politics with the gas fired plants. So now let them pay the financial costs for this. Put the cost of this on GTA Hydro bills and not on all of Ontarians Hydro bills. As long as GTA people think they don’t have to pay for this kind of activity this will go on. Make them pay the costs for this and these kinds of dealings will end PDQ. Two MPPs have no honour at all. Expected and did keep their seats at the financial expense of all Ontarians. Looking more and more like shanty Chicago politics.

      • I have no problem with paying for Gas Power plants that the public owns as a public utility.
        I have a problem with someone selling me power in a monopoly , me being a captured market , in a profit based system.
        I am being cheated..I am forced to pay these prices with no competition or me being able to shop for the best prices..
        If you want to pay 3 times more for power for wind that would be your choice , I’ll buy hydro electric for 4-5 cents thanks..not 13.5 cents.o

      • Hey Ernest,
        Re: Wind, Solar and Gas Plants

        I just wanted to point out – privatization and deregulation – of our electricity system
        means – Ontario citizens do not own it.
        Mr. McGuinty broke an election promise – 2003 – not to privatize our electricity system.
        How do you like it so far?

        The Request for Proposals (RFP):
        The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) signs contracts with privateers.
        These can include Wind, Solar or Gas Plants.
        These projects – as in any real estate deal – can be flipped,
        to the highest bidder – and so on.
        Private means private.

        Unfortunately – ethics and accountability – I don’t think play a part.

  4. Grand Kabuki Theatre – Act 1

    A whole lot of Flip Flopp’n Shakin’ going on

    Introducing – Minister – I know nutt’n:

    “There are discussions, I understand, between the OPA and Eastern,” Bentley said. “We certainly hope they reach a resolution as early as possible. I understand the interest in the minute-by-minute or hour-by-hour goings-on (but) I think it’s probably not in the interest of either the discussions or of the people of Ontario that I engage in those.

    “There’s very active work going on this,” the minister insisted. “We have given a commitment to relocate the plant. It will be relocated.”

    yeah – let’s hope!

    Reality check in: Ugh!

    Progressive Conservative Peter Shurman echoed that concern, saying the premier isn’t signalling things will be different this time around.

    “Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result,” he said outside the Tories’ first caucus meeting since the election.

    “These are the same people who got us into this mess. They are not going to get us out of this mess.”

    p.s. cigars?

    • Grand Kabuki Theatre – Act 2

      How Much?

      Minister – I know nutt’n:

      Nor would Bentley disclose how much it will ultimately cost taxpayers or ratepayers to cancel a similar plant in Oakville that was scrapped on Oct. 7, 2010, to save the seat of Liberal MPP Kevin Flynn, who was also re-elected last month.

      Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak warned Ontarians should hang onto their wallets.
      p.s. Intermission – [group scream]

      • McGuinty Liberals – ethically challenged!
        We already know that!

        T. Boone Pickens
        “You Can’t Make any Money In Wind”
        “We will as Natural Gas goes up”–lQjk
        start @ 3:22 into the video

        Code word: ‘Peaker’ – Gas plants (support wind turbines)
        ‘Green Renewable Energy’ (no environmental assessment)
        clean, & cheap cheap cheap!

        oh yeah – and QUIET.
        They ‘purr’ 24/7.

        Next: Conservation of Gas!
        p.s. Let’s party!

      • T. Boone Pickens can’t wait!

        Gird your loins!

        Are you ready? …..but in its latest set of rules the OEB is also recognizing how the conservation landscape is changing.

        Demand-side management activities are not a new concept for the two major natural gas utilities in Ontario, Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas. They have been delivering DSM programs to their customers since the mid-1990’s with the costs of the programs recovered in the utilities’ regulated distribution rates.
        In June of this year, the Ontario Energy Board released its latest guidelines that will govern the Enbridge and Union DSM plans for at least 2012 to 2014. The two utilities have been directed to submit their next generation of plans to the OEB by September 15, 2011.
        It is the OEB’s responsibility to ensure that the DSM plans of the gas utilities with all of their component parts are appropriate, and the associated costs are reasonable. This has always been the case, but in its latest set of rules the OEB is also recognizing how the conservation landscape is changing.

      • “So if gas savings are greater than forecast,then there is additional cost to the customer”
        Use less gas and the gas comapnies are allowed to charge customers more money to make up for lost gas sales.
        Same thing has gone on with Hydro. Use less electricity and pay more to make up for lost sales.
        Wages,salaries, distribution costs, etc. still have to be paid even if consumption declines.
        Energy conservation does not yield lower energy bills for consumers.

      • Demand-side management means controlling the demand for a product. Any company must sell a certain amount of product to stay in business and if they don’t the company fails. This demand-side Ontario management scheme keeps companies in business by allowing them to charge more to make up for lost sales. This an eco-nut idea applied to the energy business to cut consumption/demand without driving companies into failure.This works by charging more for a product than would ordinarily be charged for a product. Works because this is hidden from the general public.

      • Scroll up for video:
        T. Boone Pickens
        “You Can’t Make any Money In Wind”
        “We will as Natural Gas goes up”

        This is revealing!

        Why not Nanticoke? The Nanticoke solution

        Meet Marie Trainer.
        She did a great job as mayor!
        …….and should be proud!

      • The world is watching!

        Meet a Crazy Liberal Wacko in Ontario!

        Boy – are we moving forward Ontario!

        It’s embarrassing to watch.
        Good grief!

        Fast forward Nov 2011 – Economy collapsing –
        and, still looking for –
        legal definition of – “Green Job”.

        p.s. Get Rid of the OPA!
        p.p.s. Ikea laughing – that’s for sure!

  5. It’s amazing how gullible people are when the lap up all the McShifty kool-aid. “Yep, we’ll move the plant…it’s just going to take more time than we thought.” No actually…more time to pass so he can tell them it’s too late. Anyone who actually understands this stuff knows the project is too far along to simply stop or…LOL!!…move. The obvious missing point…move to where? Another unsuspecting neighborhood…that doesn’t have a Liberal seat in play.

  6. What’s truly laughable about McGuinty’s flip-flopping is how he chooses the worst excuses for why something needs to be changed that leave him litte wiggle room when he inevitably needs to come down from these outrageous positions. Like, for example:

    “The Mississauga neighbourhood has changed and therefore with this new apartment building being built it would be imprudent to locate this gas plant here.”


    “We need to halt development of offshore wind turbines because of scientific uncertainty.”


    “Wind turbines do not pose a risk to human health. Anyone who says so is just a NIMBY.”

    (Thank god the Toronto Star is there to let him get away with this kind of nonsense when he does finally come to his senses.)

    • Why were building permits issued for the apartment building when the gas plant was already planned or under construction?
      GTA people are the ones involved in this fiasco so now they get to pay for it through their Hydro bills. It is unreasonable and unjust to expect all the rest of Ontario to pay for GTA shanty Irish style Chicago political games.

  7. I don’t want to be too rough with the poor fellow — everyone is picking on him…

    However, I can imagine a similar converstaion to this in the not too distant future (Taped in Greece):

    1st call

    – Good morning to you
    – Hello
    – This is the Ministry of Citizen Protection? I’m calling from Hercules Air Transfer, a helicopter company. My name is Jason Sekeris.

    – Yes, I’m listening.
    – I have permission to land on the corner of Herodou Attikou Street and Vassilisis Sofias Street, and I’m asking for the area to be evacuated. I have fuel for five hours.
    – You want us to evacuate the area? Let me see what I can do.
    (She asks him to repeat himself several times)
    – Okay, I will inform the right people.
    – This has to be done immediately.
    (phone call ends)

    Go to the link for the second call — absolutely hilarious…

    • David,
      Yes, absolutely hilarious………..
      socialism has worked well in Greece (EU) – eh?
      Best line:
      It’s not a big deal, it will be just be a loss of three hundred jerks.

      • Yes but it took 2 or more years consistently on more than one occasion for them to get inside.

  8. I would think that the construction company(ies) building the plant would likely stop if they are no longer getting paid. Are they still getting paid? Shut the building site down. Building sites get shut down all of the time because of a small infraction or whatever. McFlinty is being a weazel about this issue and we will have to pay triple. Once to have the thing built – then to tear it down – then to have it re-build. Do we really believe it will be moved?!? Puleeeeze – I have to see it to believe it.

    • A new site can be chosen for the plant but only the moveable parts can be relocated. The rest goes to a landfill or just leave it there.
      A poster las week mentioned that there is a 1km + 100m set back for the plant? If so then there is room for turbines at this site.

      • More than enough room, simple convert it to an industrial wind development. Since 550 m is ample set back and turbines are inherently safe, there can be no objection to a wind plant in that location, Can there?
        It is time the Star, or some other media outlet simply put this question to McGuinty. Why did he say one could not get a wind permit, if the site is more than 1000 m away?
        Anyone been to this site to see the true set back distance?

      • Oakville Power Plant, 1500,Royal Windsor Drive, is on 13.5 acres of land that TransCanada bought from Ford. All other smaller gas plants in the GTA have a buffer zone of 1km from residential land. The Oakville plant does not have this much buffer zone.
        An old Star story Apr.5,2010 so Google “Why is Oakville’s new power plant so close to residents?”
        Room for turbines on this 13.5 acre site?

    • No one questions this guy on the things he says. Then there are reporters who are not allowed to ask questions. News is controlled in this manner. Only selected questions will be answered.

  9. Apparently you only need 550 metres setback to erect a turbine from a residence. UNLESS you are one of the parties who have signed into the agreement contract ……. then what you do is put it / them as far away from YOUR OWN residence as possible and ignore the other residents who it will be looming over! Sounds fair no???????? AND we are told you need 50 acres minimum to erect a turbine, in that case 13.5 acres will not do it! But – that being said – they are the ones who continually ‘move the goalposts’ to suit !!!

  10. 13.5 acre site

    The Morpeth, Chatham-Kent, windfarm has 5 turbines crammed in about 40 acres. It looks ridiculous to have them in such a small area. The owner of the property cut a deal to have all of them on his lot. They are placed really close to the property lines. They are also really close to other houses. A have never heard a peep out of the people who live around there. I don’t understand.

  11. Everyday we hear about more people who have been trying to cope, living sick. They don’t speak for many reasons including risking the opportunity to sell and get out. Others don’t want to cause community and neighbour disharmony or risk being labeled a complainer as so many are that have come forward.
    The government is on it’s last legs with this issue.

  12. Well, well. Reality is definitely raising its head:

    “Forthcoming study by accountants will argue UK can save £34bn by ditching renewable energy plans”

    “The renewable energy industry has slammed the findings of a forthcoming report that suggests the UK could save £34bn by ditching plans for a massive expansion in wind power capacity.

    The preliminary findings of a report by KMPG, previewed in the Sunday Times yesterday, claimed Britain could meet its 2020 carbon reduction targets more cost effectively by building nuclear and gas-fired power stations instead of wind farms.”

    • Another country that emits 2% of the globes emissions…spending Billions of taxpayer dollars that should be going towards services for the benefit of the people.”possibly||” .reaching their emissions targets ….We are saved !!!
      IWTs are like the Gun registry….If you spent the 2 Billion Plus it has cost on other efforts supporters of the Registry claim it helps , it could have done so much more good.
      If you spent the Billions going towards the environment Industry in ways that benefit the people , it too could do so much more good things whether or not it is pointless for the environment or not.
      Instead the money goes to ludicrous directions .
      That is where the new jobs are coming from..accessing free money..our tax dollars , like Environmental lobby groups …are creating good jobs paying very well.
      Some economy , jobs created solely to find new innovative ways to get tax dollars from the Province that should be going to services to make our lives better.

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