A sea of green at WPD meeting in Fergus

9 thoughts on “A sea of green at WPD meeting in Fergus

  1. Just waiting to see how WPD will spin this one.

    What WPD will say:
    “The majority of residents in the area are supporters of the project. They were too intimidated to come-out to the meeting because of all the press”

    “Supporters of the project were wearing green as well. Hard to tell the T-shirts apart”.

    What WPD is actually thinking:
    “Who cares. We are going to ram wind turbines down their throat anyway. We have full backing of the The Liberal Party of Toronto who also couldn’t care less about these rural hoopleheads. Community consultation —> DONE”

    • Showing up at these wind developer meetings shows that pepole are now on the offensive side of the game. Keep it up!!!

  2. I agree Ben. All of these companies have a list of things they need to do to meet the GEA obligations. ONE of the things they need to do is “consult” with the community. They have done that now and can tick off one more box to get to the end of their obligations.

    Don’t get me wrong. It is admirable that people indeed do show up at these “open houses” or whatever they call them and make it clear that IWT’s are not wanted ( I too have attended some). BUT the bottom line is that no one with these companies care. So they have to deal with a few irate people at the “open house” – they don’t care. Greed and money goes a long way in making it easy to tell people, “well our studies show, blah, blah, blah…..”. It also makes it easy to do one of these consultation sessions for 3 or 4 hours knowing that the rewards will soon be realized when the money starts flowing in.

  3. The question remains…
    ” what are people as an entire group prepared to do to stop this ?

  4. Well , each group to the right is fighting their own battles….and we all need to become one voice.
    Why are we giving up the power we really have ?

    • Rural Ontarians need to join togther and show their economic clout against business that are engaged in any way in the “green” energy scam or support this scam.

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