Armow wind project doubles

By Troy Patterson, Kincardine News
The Samsung-Pattern Armow Wind Power Project is doubling in size and even more in capacity after the joint project was re-evaluated after it was purchased from Acciona in September.

Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. and Pattern Energy Group LP jointly purchased the original 54-turbine, 80MW project from Acciona and now plan to have a maximum of 99 turbines rated for a total of 198MW, but the developers expect it may end up being 92 turbines at 184MW, since some sites might be disqualified. Read article

17 thoughts on “Armow wind project doubles

  1. This, I beleive is represenative of the New McGuinty Order,(NMO). It`s full speed ahead, no more pretending the projects will be small, just double,triple, or quaduple them up, right out of the gate.
    To hell with rural fools! They didn`t vote liberal and Liberals don`t give a dam about them! They will have Ontario totally destroyed in no time.
    It matters not, that the whole world is now being advised( by our own federal finance minister no less), not to be borrowing more money you can`t afford to pay back! Governments must tighten their belts, be smart re: spending/borrowing.
    The all time stupidest thing any government could do now, is spend tons (87 billion in Ontario) of borrowed money, on the very thing that is bringing another world recession in Europe and beyond,Useless Industrial Wind Turbines! They have broken every jurisdiction who have used them. Probably I should say, “They have broken every jurisdiction, they have used!”
    It`s time Flaherty, had a long talk to McGuinty! Not that he`d listen. He wouldn`t. But then he could say he tried, before the Feds outlaw more IWT installations, untill after proper studies have been completed, and the subsequent laws, put in place, to protect people and the environment.
    We`ve got to start riding the Feds, because we`ll not get anywhere with McGuinty, now that he feels he has a new mandate to proceed as planned.
    The Feds are involved, whether they like it or not, as they have to defend Ontario, like a wayward child, in court for world trade violations,regarding the Greed Energy Act. That`s totally unfair to the rest of Canada, to have to pay for Ontarios` stupidity. It should somehow, fall back on Liberal voters to pay, but that`s a topic for another time.

  2. Why oppose the increase?
    The masking effect of the increased number of blade passes will inevitably reduce the infrasound annoyance levels, and an increase in the tower count might well generate sufficient power to offset the increased cost.
    It is up to the new owners to demonstrate that the audible sound generation and the visual intrusion are no worse than the approved scheme. If so, then the changes look like a win-win.

    The real issue is whether or not the Samsung scheme was itself acceptable.

    H. Burton.

    • Henry:
      Industrial Wind Turbines will NEVER produce enough electricity when needed, to make their destructive footprint worthwhile.
      Fact is, IWTs are totally useless no matter how you look at them. Be it one, or one thousand.

    • Henry:

      Just out of curiosity can you provide some proof by way of documentation for this claim:

      The masking effect of the increased number of blade passes will inevitably reduce the infrasound annoyance levels,

      Point out whether the documents are studies of real sites, or simply models (otherwise known as guesses).

      If you can’t provide documentation I suggest that you withdraw the claim.

  3. And the people got taken in again! How many times does this have to happen before people wake up?
    Anyone still want to buy Samsung products now?

      • Why are people always willing to buy the rope to hang themselves? Product quality is not the issue here. Supplying money to Samsung to install IWTs by buying their products is the issue here.

      • A few thousand e-mail,fax and phone messages to MOE every day will tie up their communications systems. All that is needed is 1 line of text or less. Same with letters.

  4. Can someone explain how you derate a wind turbine from 2.3 MW to 2MW in order to meet noise requirements? is this actually a modified turbine or does someone just stamp on a 2 MW plate and fake some convienent noise specifications?

    • Dan:

      It certainly should be possible on newer models with props that can be feathered and the appropriate control systems (SCADA). Is it being done? I dunno.

      FWIW — Wind Turbines are designed to operate at “low efficiency” in high winds — or they would tear themselves apart. They are designed to operate efficiently at the chosen nominal wind velocity. It’s a set of trade-offs…

      Hope that makes sense.

  5. I hate to keep harping on this guys and girls but we are the only ones who read this blog. We feel good about ourselves after we write our rant, but the general public does not read this blog.

    When you post a rant here, make sure you also put in the Toronto papers, ie. The Globe and Mail The Toronto Star, etc. and your local papers also.

    We have people living in our area who have no idea what’s going on because nothing gets printed about IWT’s in their paper.

    You get the picture. Let Toronto know whats going on. They have no idea what the issues are.

    • True,but what is happening in Ontario with the IWT issues is known in many other places around the world. The powers that be in Ottawa and Toronto know what is taking place here.

    • Nipcat, I agree with your comment. We have a much better chance of coverage in the small papers. The chance of getting printed in a large paper is very small. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. If you have comments or letters please post them here. Others can use the idea to help with their own. Copy and paste isn’t a bad tactic either. It increases volume and shows group organization.

      Please keep in mind that some people are having a very difficult time with wind turbines too close to their homes. I know of at least one that won’t complaint or speak up in any way. I don’t fully understand why.They often feel isolated and need to communicate or at least read that they are not the only one with the problem. It’s a sad situation.

  6. So, what, is ’90’ the new ’40’ for # of turbines in a project? Does this not look like industrial madness to the average citizen? Look at the upcoming meetings: Adelaide-Bornish-Jericho = over 200 turbines, South Kent = 130 wind turbines, and then projects are doubled in size like Armows to 92 wind turbines. Absolute madness that this is allowed.

  7. 2 million plus visitors are more than a few people reading this site. Great source of information.

  8. “When you post a rant here, make sure you also put in the Toronto papers, ie. The Globe and Mail The Toronto Star, etc. and your local papers also”
    These Toronto papers plus the Ottawa Citizen are totally in the bag for wind development, see post below re Globe and Mail. They can and do select which letters to print. The plight of rural residents is of very little concern to these editors. so, yes send letters but don’t expect to see many of them printed..

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