Renewable energy expansion believers ‘smoking dope’: IEA official

By Peter O’Neil, Financial Post

OTTAWA —Environmentalists who believe a massive global investment in renewable energy is the answer to future demands are “smoking dope,” says the deputy executive director of the International Energy Agency.  Richard Jones was responding to Greenpeace Canada accusations that the IEA was taking an “intellectually and morally inconsistent” stand by supporting pipelines and the oilsands sector while scolding world leaders about climate change inaction.  Read article

11 thoughts on “Renewable energy expansion believers ‘smoking dope’: IEA official

  1. That’s because it is all about moving the emerging economies forward using our money and the resources are needed like oil to do it.
    Look at these numbers
    Canada 34 Million.
    India 1.5 Billion , China 1.3 Billion , Africa at over 1 Billion.
    It doesn’t matter what product it is , a car , TV , cellphone or a toaster or a pair of shoes
    Look at the sheer numbers to sell a product to…..these 3 countries have 4 Billion possible consumers
    They just need jobs to be able to have the disposable income to buy.
    and they need every drop of oil…for those emerging nations.
    We make the assumption that ENGOs are not working along side vested interests.Their free money comes from somewhere ?

  2. This makes no sense to me and I think it shows what a bunch of fools some ECO lobbyists are.
    All they ever manage to do is cost us all more money.
    How many millions of trucks would be used a year to transport crude oil ? The fuel and emissions from this alone would be staggering. Then of course the odds of oils spills are high due to accidents transporting. Or look at the impact an ocean cargo vessel can do if it leaks oil into the oceans.
    So here we have a buried pipeline , with leak monitoring technology , that will significantly reduce use of fuel , emissions and possible spills.
    And they are protesting against it…………..It is likely they flew by air or drove there…but oil is evil.

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