Mike Crawley and Liberal Party Politics

Here are a few excerpts regarding Mr. Crawley from the Ontario Legislature:

Mr Runciman: Once again the Premier clearly avoided the questions dealing with adherence to bid requirements. We’re talking about a contract that provided a company headed by a prominent Liberal with a guaranteed 20-year, $66,000-a-day contract. This is a very lucrative deal, and the hard-working taxpayers of Ontario have a right to know if this contract was awarded appropriately.

Today I received information indicating that Mr Mike Crawley, the president of AIM PowerGen, sent an e-mail in the midst of the bid process to various parties encouraging their attendance at the energy minister’s fundraiser at $5,000 a pop. Premier, I’m sending copies of this material over to you and asking that you have an independent third party review the contract award process to ensure that it was absolutely above-board.

Found here (2004): http://hansardindex.ontla.on.ca/hansardeissue/38-1/l093.htm

Mr Hampton:The McGuinty government has tried to make a big thing out of a little bit of wind energy, but what do we discover when we look at who is getting the contracts for the 300 or so megawatts of wind turbines?  One Mike Crawley’s name comes to mind. Who is Mike Crawley? Mike Crawley has done just about every job that a Liberal hack could do. If you read his resumé — all you have to do is go to the federal Liberal Party’s Web site and it’s right there — he’s counted paperclips and he’s sharpened pencils, he’s answered the phone and he’s been the gofer for this and the gofer for that. He’s made his living being a Liberal hack.

What is he going to get for his dedicated work as a Liberal hack? He’s getting a $475-million guaranteed hydro contract at 8 cents a kilowatt hour, wholesale price. People wonder why their hydro bill is going to go up. Let me tell you, your hydro bill is going to go up because the McGuinty government is going to be busy shovelling money into the back pocket of this Liberal hack.

If you go and look even at his own CV, it says that his other experience in life besides counting paperclips for the Liberal Party is some sales at the Bank of Commerce. Has this guy ever worked for an electricity company? No. Does he know how to put the plug-in in the wall? I doubt it. Has he got any experience working for an electricity company? No. He is a Liberal hack and he’s going to get a $475-million contract, guaranteed at 8 cents a kilowatt hour. That’s why the hydro bill is going to go through the roof.

It is bigger than that. What I found really interesting was the Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario — certainly not friends of New Democrats; they probably wouldn’t want to be caught dead talking to New Democrats. The association of major power consumers are very, very clear on what’s going on. In their brief they say that if you stack up the privatization of electricity under the McGuinty government, and then you stack up the Mike Crawleys, who get their $475-million contracts, and then you stack up some of the other shenanigans, like the duplication now of private sector bureaucracies and public sector bureaucracies, “For industry, the price of electricity is going to go up by at least 30%, more likely 50%.” They’re very clear about what is going to happen. Bowater paper came and said, “You’re going to see more paper machines shut down. You’re going to see more paper mills shut down.” Steel companies came and said the same thing.

Found here (2004): http://hansardindex.ontla.on.ca/hansardEISSUE/38-1/L100A.htm

Mr Runciman:It just shows you how non-partisan we can be. In the announcement yesterday, you handed the folks at AIM PowerGen an incredibly lucrative contract, made even more lucrative by the fact that you fixed a price for the energy they’ll hopefully produce at eight cents per kilowatt hour, roughly 60% higher than the fixed price consumers will now pay.

This is a deliberately inflated price. The trouble is, it’s not for one year or five years; it’s for 20 years. In AIM PowerGen’s case, that’s worth $475 million in return for a modest 99 megawatts of power, a mere drop in the bucket, given that Ontario can now produce 30,000 megawatts.

Your Liberal friends are now cashing in on a decision you made to the tune of a big red-ribbon-wrapped $475 million. How do you justify this extraordinary cost to a senior Liberal for a relatively small amount of power?

Mr Runciman: The reality is that we are talking about the principal of this company, who is a senior Liberal operative, one who is highly involved in both the provincial and federal Liberal parties. He has just been handed a contract worth close to half a billion dollars for a 0.3% contribution to power output. Can the minister guarantee that neither Mike Crawley nor AIM PowerGen had any undue influence over this process? Can you guarantee that?

Mr Runciman:I agree that this is not $9 million in backrooms; this is $24 million a year for 20 years to a Liberal crony.

Can the minister explain how it was that Mike Crawley led a policy session of your Liberal Party policy conference just three weeks ago? The subject was renewable energy. We have a copy of the program, the Ontario Liberal Party annual policy development conference in November. Mike Crawley, now recipient of this half-billion-dollar Liberal government contract, was presenting a closed-door session on renewable energy. Only registered Liberals could listen to this one. Minister, $475 million is a very sweet payback for speaking at a Liberal conference, wouldn’t you agree?

Mr Runciman:The minister has a dramatically different view of the world, now that he’s sitting in the government benches, versus what positions he took on this side of the House. The facts are that Mike Crawley is a former top assistant to former Liberal leader Lyn McLeod. He is the current Ontario president of the Liberal Party of Canada. He’s an influential Liberal insider, and that’s made clear by the fact that he was featured in this session on the need for renewable energy at your own policy conference. Now he’s the recipient of a $24-million-a-year contract for 20 years, and that’s a contract for a modest amount of renewable energy.

Minister, I think people deserve a better answer than they’re receiving from you here today. Please explain the situation, which on the surface seems to be very difficult for you to deal with.

Mr Runciman: That’s the standardized response. I didn’t hear millions of dollars or billions of dollars talked about in that response, and that’s the reality of this contract: $24 million-plus a year for 20 years, close to half a billion dollars over that term, to a Liberal insider. It has a strong stench of unethical behaviour, especially considering it’s for a 0.3% increase in Ontario’s power supply.

Given what we believe is an obvious conflict of interest, will you immediately put this contract on hold, pending a review by Ontario’s Integrity Commissioner? If you have nothing to hide, let the independent Integrity Commissioner look at this $475-million deal. Will you do that?

Mr Howard Hampton (Kenora-Rainy River):This question is for the Acting Premier. Just a few months ago, on June 24, the energy minister stood in the Legislature and boasted that 90 companies had come forward and expressed interest in generating renewable electricity in Ontario and that the total of the offers was 4,400 megawatts. In other words, there were a lot of companies that came forward, a lot of operators came forward offering to generate renewable power. Can you explain how it is that the president of the Liberal Party of Canada, Ontario wing, gets a guaranteed 20-year deal to sell electricity to the hydro system at prices 60% higher than the current wholesale price?

The McGuinty government is giving the president of the Liberal Party a rich private hydro contract. I say that’s cronyism. I say it’s conflict of interest. Will you immediately terminate this rich contract for your Liberal friend?

I want to just talk about Mr Crawley’s expertise. Just go to the Liberal Web site. There’s Paul Martin. There’s Mr Crawley. Here’s his expertise: Mike Crawley, president. Mike Crawley has extensive party experience. He has served the party in a number of capacities, including on riding executives, campaign teams, young Liberal executives and staff positions with federal MPs, the party office and the office of the Leader of the Opposition in Ontario.

This guy is a Liberal hack. He’s a Liberal hack, and you’re handing him a $475-million contract. Where I come from, we call this wrong. Where I come from, we call this cronyism. Where I come from, we call this conflict of interest.

Mr Hampton: Will you terminate the contract?

Hon Mr Duncan:What the member failed to indicate was that Mr Crawley is also the president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association. Mr Crawley was also appointed by the Conservative government to sit on the energy supply and conservation task force. (How convenient!)

Mr Hampton: I even go to his own CV, and he says he’s held senior management positions in the public and private sectors. He’s held a number of sales management positions with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. This guy had no involvement with wind energy until the Conservative government appointed him to a task force, and you have continued to put him in positions like that since becoming government.

Here is what really stinks: He goes to the Liberal policy conference three weeks ago and tells you what your hydro policy should be, and then three weeks later, he gets a $475-million contract. Where I come from, this stinks. This stinks. Will you do the responsible thing and will you terminate this blatant conflict of interest, this blatant payoff to your Liberal friend?

…we have the president of the Liberal Party of Canada, Ontario wing, and even his own CV says that he was in sales management for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and before that he was a political hack. You are going to give him a $475-million contract at 60% higher than the current price of electricity. Meanwhile, for low- and modest-income families, who have been hit by an over-20% increase in their hydro prices, you are only going to give them a dollar for every extra $20 that you take out of their pockets. Maybe you can tell me, is this the McGuinty government’s definition of “change” — you whack ordinary Ontarians with double-digit hydro price increases and you give the president of the Liberal Party a guaranteed $475-million contract?

Mr Hampton:  Do you know what? Ninety companies came forward, and somehow the president of the Liberal Party, who has virtually no experience in this field, comes out on top.

According to the McGuinty government, you could have a bank robbery and you could have the bank robber walking off with the money and as long as you had an independent consultant who said, “It’s all fair,” that would be fine with the McGuinty government.

Here is what is happening out there. It’s a very cold day today; in many places, it’s snowing. Across Ontario people who have to use electric heat are using a lot of electricity. They are being whacked with double-digit hydro rate increases. Many of them can barely afford it, yet the McGuinty government definition of “change” is that those people should be whacked; they should have money taken out of their pockets so that the president of the Liberal Party can walk away with a $475-million guaranteed contract. I ask you again, is this the McGuinty government –

Found here (2004): http://hansardindex.ontla.on.ca/hansardeissue/38-1/l092a.htm

And finally (2008):

The idea behind the standard offer was to encourage local communities to put together ten megawatt projects. The OPA provides small electricity generators (from residential photovoltaic rooftop generation of one kilowatt up to small wind farms of ten megawatts) with a standard pricing regime. John Kourtoff, president of Toronto’s Trillium Power Wind Corporation says, “The SOP is very good, but it’s been abused by the industry. It was meant for community power, but developers chopped big projects up into smaller, ten megawatt parcels.”

Namely, Mike Crawley, AIM Powergen and the Harrow project.   They have abused the Standard Offer Program, thus pushing the smaller investor aside by piecemealing 4 projects into one in order to obtain the premium government sponsored subsidy.  


This will give AIM literally millions of undeserved premium subsidies over the life of the Harrow project contract yet ….the Ontario government turns the other way pretending not to notice.

10 thoughts on “Mike Crawley and Liberal Party Politics

  1. As they say in politics …

    We did a deal Mr. Minister!

  2. I like it WillR. The other detail about how AIM did their deal is that their wind farms will NOT have their output listed on the IESO site. We are not allowed to know what they are or aren’t producing. They have altogether 80 MW that shouldn’t be classed as they are

  3. Mobilize the troops now!………anyone who can, should run, in our Municipal Elections on Oct 25/2010 so that we can put in place some serious and well informed honest people who can start the long and difficult process of stopping and reversing this “rot at the top”.

    Landowners are asking “where do my land taxes go? and what services am I getting for them?”

    Answer them by telling the truth………..a small amount stays within the townships but the majority of it goes to Queen’s Park where it’s sucked into a huge “black hole” full of swindlers and politically connected hacks who are feeding at our trough like overstuffed Pigs!

    These blood suckers are are draining US dry!

  4. Makes you wonder why the Canadian media are so busy chasing Rahim with ZERO contracts but turn a blind eye in Queens Park.

  5. Windaction:

    Don’t be silly! You have a shirt available do you not? It’s summer, you can do without. If you can raise some money by winter you buy your coat back.

    Seriously though, I think it is a matter of the chef heaping the plate full for his guests.

    Or, perhaps, if you are a friend of the right people you can partake of an “all you can eat buffet” of taxpayer subsidies. …

    Wallet please!

  6. AIM Power Gen, led by Mike Crawley and crew–which is now International Power Canada–also developed one turbine complex of 18 1.65-megawatt turbines in Norfolk County, that started operating in 2008.

    However, these 18 turbines were classified as 3 separate ‘wind farms,’ of 6 turbines each.

    6 x 1.65MW = 9.9 MW < 10 MW

    As it seems, all 18 turbines were developed as one unit, built as one unit, are maintained as one unit, and they work together to victimize many households within the 3 kilometer radius that they invade.

    Is there any other logical reason why these 18 turbines are known as the Cultus Wind Farm, the Clear Creek Wind Farm, and the Frogmore Wind Farm–besides greed and corruption??

    Forgive me Lord, but I wish the worst for Mike Crawley–that is, I wish he lived within a 3 kilometer radius of 18 Vestas V82 1.65-megawatt IWTs!

    (Sorry, that was rude…)

  7. As explained in the last paragraph of the article, that is exactly what Crawley was doing with the Norfolk project and the Harrow project. By “piece-mealing” he was able to get a much higher subsidy.

    I brought this to the OEB’s attention and they quickly (within days) enacted a new rule saying that can’t be done anymore.

    But…Crawley was grandfathered…and the government turned a blind eye and granted approval for the Harrow project anyway.

    This all amounts to government sanctioned fraud worth MILLIONs over the life of the contract.

  8. Thank-you for naming this: “government sanctioned fraud”. I am beginning to wonder if there is such a thing as “fraud” anymore, or whether it is just the way things are done now.

    I know what my values are. Does “government” anywhere on this planet uphold values anymore?

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