Samsung’s green renewable energy Park issued Cease and desist letter

By Stephanie Dearing and Susannah Schmidt, Turtle Island News
It’s a red light for Samsung’s Green Renewable Energy Park after the Haudenosaunee Development Institute issued a cease and desist letter to Samsung and partners on November 2. HDI representatives personally delivered the letter Friday to a Haldimand County archaeological assessment area on Sutor Rd. south of Nelle’s corner south of the reserve, HDI lawyer Aaron Detlor said in an interview. Assessors left the site with equipment, he said.  Read article

9 thoughts on “Samsung’s green renewable energy Park issued Cease and desist letter

  1. Press REwind 2010

    Elite Liberals hard @ work!

    Chris Bentley on Aboriginal Affairs in Ontario

    Feb. 22, 2010 – The Agenda

    Fast forward: 2011
    Chris Bentley – Energy Minister

    p.s. Flllllly me to the moon – la la la la la la la la [keep repeating]
    p.p.s. In other words – I love you!

    • Mind Cramp!

      Those proposals that provide a realistic and measurable “green” agenda associated with the nature of the project will be viewed most favorably. HDI is willing to work with developers on defining those green standards, strategies and approaches. While these may require additional expenditures on the part of the developer, it will be considered one of the “benefits” of the project to overall well-being.

      Snag in ‘communications’!

      Should you wish to respect our council’s process and commence a meaningful and good faith engagement process, your application can be submitted to the HDI,” says the letter. Aaron Detlor, Hazel Hill Wayne Hill and Blake Bomberry delivered the letter, said Detlor.

      Stock up on ‘Popcorn’!


      Caledonia resident turned activist

      Hewitt is now the mayor of Haldimand County. He defeated Trainer and Councillor Buck Sloat for the job last year.

      The financial services adviser was the head of the Caledonia Citizens Alliance, which lobbied the province in 2006 to help Caledonia. It was one of the first non-native citizens groups to come to the fore amid the barricades and rallies.

      He had never held elected office before. He sought the federal Liberal nomination to take on Haldimand-Norfolk Conservative MP and cabinet minister Diane Finley. He lost to Dr. Eric Hoskins of Simcoe. Finley was re-elected.

      Former Haldimand County mayor

      Trainer was in the hot seat as Haldimand’s mayor during the dispute. Her blunt comments and criticisms of the OPP and protesters got her into trouble.

      Trainer is now spending time with her family and is busy with various organizations such as a Hamilton-based agency that helps troubled teens. She was defeated in last year’s election by Caledonia resident Ken Hewitt, who was head of the Caledonia Citizens Alliance.

      Trainer said she was on the go during the height of the standoff in 2006.

      “It was 24-7,” she said. “I got calls at 2 and 3 in the morning.”

      Trainer says she doesn’t miss the side of the mayor’s job that involved rough-and-tumble politics.

      Miss her yet?

  2. Oh yes, he attended the Northern Mines Conference around the Ring of Fire admittedly one of the richest mineral reserves in the world (his words), yet the Liberals passes bill 191 putting half of this area under conservation upsetting these same aboriginal peoples and now he comes along and offers green energy opportunities? The same lawyer political double speak we look forward to in his new portfolio.

  3. Its important to note how the wind industry attempts to use the same divide and conquer techniques that imperial Britain used to control its far flung colonies. These techniques include trying to find or create a minority and than favour and promote it over the wider community. This creates divisions within the community while diverting attention away from the outside power thereby allowing it to reach its wider goals
    For examples, note in the article above that there is a group of 6 Nations people representing Samsungs interests called Haudenosaunee Management Services, meanwhile in Southern Ontario we have Ken Hewitt, Jutta and other friends.
    While the purpose of these individuals and groups is clear it is important to NOT be sucked in by their antics and theater . Doing so will distract our fight away from our true goals of
    returning power to the people so that human health and the environment can be protected.
    Bravo to the Haudenosaunee Development Institute for standing up to Samsung

    • Hey Dan Wrightman,
      I agree with what you have pointed out, and would like to add:
      1. Never lose your temper!
      2. Stay focused!
      3. Be persistent
      Simply say, “You haven’t answered my question”

      Note: Let them finnish talking –
      and they may talk for ever –
      trying to side track you.

      Then, if they did not answer your question –
      again – say, “You haven’t answered my question”.
      Repeat your question – politely.

      Good Luck!

  4. Min of Aboriginal Affairs 2009…..Duguid…appointed Min of Energy2010
    Min of Aboriginal Affairs 2010…..Bentley….appointed Min of Energy2011
    Is the aboriginal portfolio being purposefully controlled and exploited by a select few in our gov’t.? Just asking….

  5. The ugly reality behind ‘clean and green’:

    “A new book by Hoover Institution fellow Peter Schweizer details the startling extent of the cronyism that has pervaded President Obama’s “green jobs” push. According to Schweizer, 4 out of every 5 renewable energy companies backed by the Energy Department was “run by or primarily owned by Obama financial backers.
    Such is the inevitable consequence of large government interventions in private markets.
    …These programs might be the greatest—and most expensive—example of crony capitalism in American history. Tens of billions of dollars went to firms controlled or owned by fundraisers, bundlers, and political allies, many of whom—surprise!—are now raising money for Obama again.”

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