Hamilton Council talks out of both sides of its mouth

By Andrew Dreschel, Hamilton Spectator
City councillors are asking the provincial government to do what they say, not what they do.  In a move some believe sends a laughably mixed message, council has voted 11-5 to lobby the Ontario government to lift its province-wide moratorium from offshore wind energy projects.  Read article

5 thoughts on “Hamilton Council talks out of both sides of its mouth

  1. I thought they had it right when they requested a moratorium. Guess they are just as phoney as Haldimand Council. Maybe their mayor can make a commercial too!

  2. This could be in response to USW pressure. It was the USW that pushed for offshore wind developments in the passage of the Green Energy Act. Offshore IWTS increase the artifical demand in Ontario for the manufacture of IWTS and in turn more USW jobs.
    What has happend in the UK demonstrates what rising costs of energy does to steel production. UK steel factories have been forced to close and move operations to countries where energy costs are lower than in the UK. Result down the road will be more loss of union steel jobs due to rising Ontario energy costs.

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