Six Nations Natives weigh in on wind turbines

By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer
PORT DOVER — Natives from Six Nations have weighed in on the issue of wind turbines in Port Ryerse.  Seven natives in traditional garb attended an open house in Port Dover Tuesday where they expressed concern about the impact the turbines might have on their traditional hunting rights.  “When you erect these towers, how can our people come out and hunt?” asked Bill Montour, who also identified himself by his traditional name, Karihwanoran. “These towers drive all the creatures away.”  Read article

3 thoughts on “Six Nations Natives weigh in on wind turbines

  1. Karihwanoran says that “these towers drive all the creatures away”.

    What is often not appreciated is that the bulk of the sound intensity emitted by the turbine fans is inaudible infrasound.

    Humans and other creatures have vibration (touch) receptors in their skin which respond to impacting energy. The classic experiments in this field were carried out on the frog tissue (in 1957!) by Werner R Loewenstein at the University of Chile. He demonstrated that repetitive discharges from these skin receptors could be induced, once an initial discharge firing had occurred, by stimuli above some lower threshold with frequencies of the order of 100 to 160 Hertz.
    As wind towers produce an inaudible peak intensity pulse every blade pass (say every 800 milliseconds) then it follows that if this is accompanied by sound from an electrical sub-station the resulting conditions could be intolerable to frogs.

    Perhaps Bill Montour has discovered that, as well as frogs and some humans, similar conditions annoy “all the creatures”.

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