Construction to begin on wind turbine in Port Elgin; hundreds of residents within 550m bubble

For further information:
Daniel Santoro, Counsel to the Concerned Residents: 416.922.7272
Nicolas M. Rouleau, Counsel to the Concerned Residents: 416.885.1361

PORT ELGIN, ON, Nov. 18, 2011 /CNW/ – 35 concerned residents of Port Elgin Ontario have requested through legal counsel that the Minister of Environment stop the construction of an 800kW wind-powered electrical generator, which the CAW is attempting to erect as close as 150m to their homes. Current Regulations under the Environmental Protection Act require such generators to be a minimum of 550m away from all residences.

The CAW received its initial Certificate of Approval from the Ministry in 2005, but only applied for its final building permit in August of 2011. Even though the Regulations requiring the 550m set-back were enacted in September 2009, the Ministry says that the set-back does not apply since the project was approved several months earlier in March 2009. The wind turbine is to stand 76m tall, and all 35 concerned residents are within the 550m bubble.

Wind turbines are known to create chronic low frequency noise and vibrations, and nearby residents in close proximity to turbines have complained of dizziness, headaches, and sleep disturbance. Erickson v. Director, Ministry of the Environment, an Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal decision dated 18 July 2011 confirmed that wind turbines can, if “placed too close to residents”, cause harm to humans.

It is estimated that there could be as many as 100 homes currently within the 550m bubble. The entire area within the bubble will be residentially developed within the next 20 years according to Bruce County plans. Furthermore, two new sub-divisions have been approved by the Town, which will result in several hundred more homes being built within the bubble during the next several years.

“All we are asking is that the Minister hold the CAW to the standards that exist under the current law. The 550m set-back was enacted to protect people’s health and well-being. These residents are deeply concerned that this turbine will have ill-effects on their health. The current regulations lend credence to their concern. With this project, the CAW overrides the rights and safety concerns of hundreds of current and future residents of Port Elgin.”
     – Daniel C. Santoro, Counsel to the 35 Concerned Residents

“The electorate made their views known loud and clear on this issue in the most recent provincial election. They spoke again in this Municipality on Monday, which passed a resolution requesting that the Minister stop the construction of this turbine. The CAW is overriding the will of the people with this project, not to mention potentially putting their health and safety in jeopardy. We just hope that the current government listens and acts on our concerns.”
     – John Mann, Lawyer and Resident of Port Elgin Ontario

For further information:Daniel Santoro, Counsel to the Concerned Residents: 416.922.7272
Nicolas M. Rouleau, Counsel to the Concerned Residents: 416.885.1361

7 thoughts on “Construction to begin on wind turbine in Port Elgin; hundreds of residents within 550m bubble

  1. Lawsuits look inevitable….Liberals are arrogant, sadistic and just don’t listen…..They are Crony CRAPitalists….

  2. Ever since the Liberals supplanted the NDP as the CAW’s favourite political party after the Bob Rae/ Buzz Hargrove falling out, these two have been scratching each other’s back. Witness big
    subsidies to the big three auto makers for plant upgrades as well as the bail-out of the empty pension funds after the bankruptcy of General Motors and Chrysler. With the wind energy industry joined at the hips to the Liberal Party of Ontario, it’s only natural that those three should be in bed together, all in cahoots to screw neighbours, taxpayers and consumers of electricity.
    It’s a great way to save humanity from Armageddon of course.

  3. There is almost nothing good about this… but… if 1000 angry residents picket Queens Park maybe there will be some good come of this. I think the turbine is going in as the people at the top simply do not care enough rural residents and they have been blinded to all but the leaders of the green movement.

    After some town folk experience the humming and throbbing of the wind turbine and ice being flung about — maybe we will see those pickets at Queen’s Park.

    To add insult to injury the turbines deliver nothing that cannot be better obtained elsewhere. — and at lower cost.

  4. As a resident of Toronto, I support the people of Port Elgin in their opposition to the wind turbine. I cannot imagine having to see this monstronsity from that beautiful beach.

    These things are becoming a blight on the land. We all need to keep up the pressure to stop any future development of any more large scale wind turbines and have REAL green energe accessable to the people.

  5. Just went to the CAW website ( and left the following comments:

    The CAW should be ashamed of it’s behavior towards the people of Port Elgin. Forging ahead with this project will not produce a blight on the landscape but also negatively affect those living near the turbine. How about the health affects of your vistors and employees?

    In reading about this project, these are the facts that I have seen:
    – The CAW is planning selling excess power to the grid. Is that why you need this huge monstronsity? I do not see environmental sustainability here but profit.
    – After the local municipality turned down the CAW’s application for this project, the union went to the OMB to get the decision overturned. The OMB is known to trample all over the rights of municipalities and should be disbanded.
    – The CAW has had the education centre in Port Elgin for a very long time. Should a union that has fought for the rights of the individual for so long decide that the rights of the community of Port Elgin do not matter?

    Have you asked your rank and file union membership their opinon of this project? Is the CAW above what the community around them thinks of this?

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