Shame on the Canadian Auto Workers Union

by Lorrie Gillis, WCO Reporter
There were 50 protesters in front of the CAW building this morning with signs and banners!  For a day’s notice, it was a good turnout.  No cement trucks entered while we were there.  Police were all over the place.  Most people driving by gave the thumbs up with a honk.  Some even stopped to give encouragement to the protesters!
Of course, no one from the CAW came out to talk to protesters and neighbours.  Their words to justify this are bafflegab straight out of the liberal government and wind industry.  Apparently the CAW says they are satisfied with reports that say all is well,  40 dba and all.  As usual, comments like that one come from those who have never had to live near one. Shame on the CAW for forcing this onto the people of Port Elgin by using the OMB. 
One of the reporters there said that even some wind supporters are against this turbine.  The reporter said they are afraid it “might set a precedence for turbines in town“.  I say, Welcome to our world out here in rural Ontario.  This turbine is about half the size of the ones in the countryside but will be just meters from people’s homes and right outside the CAW building.  If nothing else, I hope it will help create some awareness of the threat so many of us are facing in farm country.

4 thoughts on “Shame on the Canadian Auto Workers Union

  1. Pay me for wind generation.Too many CAW workers are not working any more paying us our union dues.

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