Protest at CAW Family Education Center

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  1. Bentley has to agree to a moratorium on further IWT approvals in order to show he is sincere about “listening”. I am sure that the IWT industry does not want a moving target in terms of future requirements they have to meet. Therefore, such a moratorium would serve as a cooling off period for frank intelligent discussions about ALL of the issues wrt IWT’s. Eg. Health, agrravation from noise and shadow flicker, esthetics of the environment, environmental impact of concrete and steel, clear cutting trees to make roads and pads for IWT’s, the overall economics, gas fired back up, nuclear Unutilized Base Generation, and the costs of sub-optimal nuclear fuel burn-up due to nuclear swing and poison prevent mode of operation, If Bentley is willing to listen then I personally am willing to listen to him and have a chat.
    PS; I can explain the impacts on nuclear if anybody wants to e-mail me

  2. Union types like to run their fat yaps about “social justice”. I guess it’s pretty obvious their idea of justice doesn’t extend to rural families who don’t belong to the CAW.

  3. The current Ontario government should be concerned that average tax paying citizens are willing to take time out of their lives to voice their position opposing Industrial Wind Turbines.

  4. There are many CAW members against IWT’s. Many members are rural dwellers like ourselves. CAW is attempting to get the education centre off the grid. Too bad they didn’t go solar. If blame is to be laid then put it where it belongs with Herr McGuinty, wind company propaganda and blatant capitalism extracting more and more profit for themselves regardless of the destruction they cause. Remember the “robber barons” of old? Well they’re back under the banner of “green energy”.
    CAW members are working hard to support their families or have done that for 30+ years and have now retired. AND we retirees recently took a 15% cut in our pension and we appreciate what we have. With the cost of energy skyrocketing it’s questionable how long we’ll be able to afford our farm.

  5. After 10 years of living with an off-grid system (bit of history here); we very recently made the connection to the grid. Now, our bills for grid electricity is a lot less compated to generating electricity ourselves considering the full costs of batteries, inverter, and running a back-up generator on propane. If the CAW centre cannot afford to buy electricity from the grid at around 10 cents per KWhr, how can they afford it from an off-grid turbine where they’d have to charge themselves at 13 or 14 cents per KWh, if not more as they’d need a back up? Feel free to print this and show it to our CAW friends.

    (I see the OPA has removed or hidden the FIT for wind

  6. Just a quick word about the Christmas Lunch to-morrow. Weather forecast not promising for the early morning, but we all know about weather forecasts.
    If the weather is a go PLEASE DO NOT DISPLAY anti-CAW. anti CAW retirees signage. These retirees are NOT our opposition. Go after wind energy, IWT’s, CAWEA and especially HEALTH and SAFETY concerns. These are the issues the retirees need to be acquainted with. We want them on our side.

  7. What is hard to stomach is that the day construction is halted on the GTA gas-fired plant, due to local opposition, construction begins on a turbine right adjacent to homes. Judging by pictures from Mississauga the homes there are 1 Km or more distant..
    The continuing construction, even increased activity, after the decision was made by McGuinty to abort, is a criminal waste of taxpayer dollars. Ont. cannot afford to abandon a half constructed power plant, one that is essential for future power requirements.
    The extra contruction costs should be billed directly to the Liberal party of Ont.

  8. Thanks folks for not displaying any anti-CAW signage.
    I much preferred my own, “Health Studies Before Wind Turbines” which I displayed to hundreds of luncheon attendees.
    I’m NOT from Pt. Elgin.

    • You are welcome.

      Greg Schmalz

      FYI If I get a minute I’l send you Ken’s latest press releases. Unfortunately he still choses to deny ANY health effects due to infrasound despite vast new body of science as their are no laws against it so they can’t be held accountable. Even government tribunals say it’s damaging but with no law can’t be stopped so our turbine within 200 – 400 meters of 100 families will probobly go ahead.

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