Prince Philip to Wind Developer: ‘You stay away from my estate young man’

by Kelly McParland, National Post
Britain’s Prince Philip has made it clear that if anyone wants to erect wind turbines as a means of generating alternate energy, they won’t be putting them on the lawn behnd Buckingham palace, or on anywhere else on the royal family’s abundant land holdings.  The Prince doesn’t like the big windmills and doesn’t think they do any good. A well-meaning executive from a wind turbine company who introduced himself at a reception got a blunt-spoken blast in return.  Read article

26 thoughts on “Prince Philip to Wind Developer: ‘You stay away from my estate young man’

  1. Prince Phillip has never been famous for political correctness, which is why he’s often dissed by younger Brits. That’s too bad because in this case he’s right on the money.

    • The Prince,having been a naval officer,knows a heck of a lot more about machinery and wind than Mr. McGuinty knows.

  2. Say what???
    The truth can be gleaned from the most unlikely sources.
    The Prince is a Prince … I’ll have a pint on that.

  3. We now have the Royal seal of approval
    Mcguinty, your useless! and take then ITW’s with you,Jackass.
    I counted 4 national newspapers running this story, wonder what the total will be..Australia yet?

    Nice one Kelly,to get this out.

    • Our town of Port Elgin Ontario, Is fighting to STOP WIND TURBINES in our town.The first to be erected approximently 550 metres from my back yard…..2 years ago we bought a new house here and now they are doing this to us….this, as of last week is the first we heard of it……Real estate Agents did not know a thing about it as well (one agent built down the street) and said she would have made her purchase elsewhere …as for us we would not have bought here either. & yes McGuinty is a jackass!!!

      • Hear you! We are opposed and fighting a no-win situation here in Grand Valley, turbine #13 being erected a supposed 777m from our residence, but a stone-throw away from where the cattle graze, where we go and play, in our backyard. SHAMEFUL Ontario is selling us ALL out!!!!

      • Hey Norma Barber,
        Who’s the company in Grand Valley?
        It has slipped my mind.

    • The Australian press appears to have had this story before it was published in Canada. First picked this up it from a US website.

      • If anyone can find this story in the G & M,Sun,Star let us know. Star only had 2 three line articles but no full article.

  4. At last – Prince ‘Phil’ says something comprehensible ,and right! …….and isnt riding on queenie’s shirt tails 🙂

  5. Tim Hudak gives APPrO tips on increasing wind generation in Ontario.
    (APPrO – Association of Power Producers of Ontario mission includes
    “increasing the use of renewable energy generation)

    Tim Hudak:

    “Whereas did you know that Alberta, using a competitive process, has brought
    online more wind energy as a proportion of its supply – at a lower cost –
    than Ontario has using the Feed-in Tariff? And it’s not just Alberta. Texas
    and much of the mid-western United States are finding wind power can compete
    in the open market on its own merit… You tell me, if you were an
    entrepreneur looking to start a business, where would you choose?”

    Speech by Tim Hudak, MPP
    Ontario PC Leader
    Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO)
    Annual Power Conference
    November 16, 2011

    • Seems Mr. Hudak dosen’t know that the US IWT industry is driven by government subsides and would fold up over night if the subsides stopped.

      • Mr. Hudaks remarks sound just like another endorsement for renewable energy projects. Does he not know what is taking place in world solar market? Renewable energy can’t be competitive without government support.

    • Hudak seems to have mastered the art of sucking and blowing at the same time.

      He may or may not love wind power, but nonetheless, he’s using the issue to knock the performance of the McGuinty government.

    • borrowed a great quote “Only in Ontario do we pay developers a flat subsidy. Decided by bureaucrats and politicians. Locked in for 20 years. Just sign on the dotted line”

    • Keith. Stop trying to make something out of nothing. What you posted is misleading and you conveniently left out the rest of the sentence.

      What she said was: “But, we want to be smart about it. We heard loud and clear during the campaign that the Green Energy Act is a mess and the way it stands, the municipalities don’t want their authority back. They need the proper tools and direction in place so they feel comfortable and confident in that role,” she said.?

      Please stick to the facts or you will be banned from the site.

      • Copy MA … she just beat me to the gist of my next posting.

  6. Why are you still fighting the election Keith? Its over. The Liberals are still the government and the ones that make the policy. If you don’t like IWT’s quit wasting your time and direct your energy towards the party in government

    • Maybe Keith is just supplying information on what to lookout for from the newly elected MPPs.

      • That’s true, it is important to keep a close watch on all public statements from politicians

    • That may be true Johana but cutting and pasting and manipulating statements to mean something completely different is not acceptable.

  7. 7 council members don’t speak for me , I do .
    I haven’t given my right up to control what transpires in my community
    The day you ask is the day you will know what my commonity wants

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