Wind farms blasted in Algoma District

Councilor Amy Zuccato

Prince council asks province to halt construction of industrial sites
By Marguerite LaHaye, Sault Star
The township has joined the growing chorus of voices urging the Ontario government to shelve the construction of industrial wind farms. At its regular November meeting, council unanimously endorsed a petition which asks the province for a moratorium on industrial wind proposals until an independent, epidemiological health study can establish safe setbacks for wind turbines in residential areas. Read article

1 thought on “Wind farms blasted in Algoma District

  1. Councilor Zuccato position is a move in the right direction. She should talk to someone who understands the limitations of IWTs. The values of the forest have been destroyed for nothing more than to provide an expensive, degraded source of power that provides no additional capacity within the grid. Hour measurements of power produce by IWTs provide an unreal sense they actually contribute to our power needs. More power is wasted to put and keep IWTs on line than if no IWTs were built. IWTs consume power overall. Hopefully Councilor Zuccato moves past the idea there is anything good about IWTs.

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