Anti-Wind Movement Gathering Steam

Scott Miller, CTV

7 thoughts on “Anti-Wind Movement Gathering Steam

  1. CAW are doing it for Money , and if you have enough money to throw at it, it will go away .

  2. The CAW guy say they are protecting your health and that of future generations. Sounds great to me. He must be right.

    I guess everyone will be thankful someday… real soon now I guess.

  3. I understand grandfathering an existing structure,but something that is not built? Go figure.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if CAW gets a few shocks from Bruce Power!
    The placement is riduculas from the mapping I see,concern should be paramount with children so close
    Biggest veggie in town…..hopefully NOT!

      • Has anyone contacted either organization about this bad neighbor policy the CAW is trying to ram down our throats???

  4. So for “potentially” 65% coverage of their electricity needs, the CAW feels they come first before the citizens around who will be subjected to Wind Turbine pollution. Electricity needs before health. Some great union. For the power, not the people.

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