Worthless wind power

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6 thoughts on “Worthless wind power

  1. An article on Bird Choppers well worth reading…


    Individual turbine layout is key

    Ferrer’s study uncovered a flaw in one of the main tenets of the environmental assessment process: that a greater density of birdlife will equate to a great kill rate on a wind farm. Instead, “it’s to do with how the wind moves as a function of the natural orography,” he says.

    Essentially, in order to save energy birds tend to follow specific routes, like aerial highways, to get from A to B. Put a turbine in the middle of the highway and a lot of birds are going to get killed, regardless of how many turbines are nearby or where they are sited.

    This explains why some farms harbour ‘killers’, or turbines that register unduly high avian mortality rates. And it has two important implications for wind energy developers.

    Interesting — real science for a change…

    • True. Industrialization needs to be contained, not spread like a net. The wind is not free. Open spaces need to be protected. I don’t understand why Manitoulin Island is getting turbines when they are known for their protected dark sky.
      Birds use the air like highways and any person can observe that.
      Why do the “Greenies” jump on an idea like this that is completely contradictory to preserving natural and farm lands? How can they justify their electricity use knowing it harms both humans and animals while destroying habitat?!!!

      • All great questions, Sick Turbines.

        Manitoulin Island is getting IWTs because the proponents are greedy and have the political(ly correct) clout, and that, unfortunately, trumps dark sky reserves and preserving natural landscapes.

        At one time, I would have thought that Manitoulin Island would be the last place in Ontario where I would see IWTs. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  2. As the Royals have said , as we have too…it’s about the subsidies far more than the electricity profits .
    The “Greenies”..are making jobs , studying , lecturing , putting papers out , …it used to be hard to get money to do nothing for a lot of nothing..now there are huge salaries attatched to it.
    They are lined up at the trough………….all that money wasted that could go to boost the elderly pensions on a fake industry…..shameful

  3. IWTs, worthless, wastefull pieces of junk. Finally some honesty from someone who can get printed. Prince Philip rocks..

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